CMC Vellore Online Appointment - Procedure, FAQ

CMC Vellore Online Appointment - Procedure, FAQ

CMC Vellore Online Appointment For New & Old Patients - Procedure, FAQ

CMC Vellore’s website for online appointment is quite user-friendly and simple to understand. This article will help you understand online appointment procedure for new and old patients and will also clear some doubts regarding the same.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment Procedure For A New Patient

1. You Can Start By
  • Search on the internet for CMC Vellore online appointment
  • Go to link
  • Download the CMC Patient Portal Mobile App (for Android users) by scanning the OR code given on their website.

2. When you click on the link, it opens to a page which says “Patient Portal”.

3. If you are visiting CMC for the first time, scroll below on the page. Click on a link which says “New Patient (First time to CMC)”.

4. A page opens up which gives the following general instructions regarding an online appointment for new patients

  • For admission of a female patient, a female attendant is mandatory.
  • You need to enter patient data which matches a legal identity proof.
  • Once a booking is done, collect your hospital card number from ISSCC building.
  • You can pay up to 2 lakhs cash for treatment. Payment beyond this amount has to be made by DD/ Net banking/ Debit card/ Credit card.

5. You have to mark the box near “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions” and click on “Proceed”.

6. The next page requires you to fill up the following details and click the “Submit” button

  • Patient name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth and age
  • Marital status
  • Nationality, Religion and Patient’s occupation
  • Permanent address
  • Contact details including phone number and email ID.

7. A page for “Book a Slot” opens up which displays your User ID and password for the website. You must note this down for future use online or to book an appointment from the CMC cash counter.

8. In “Book a Slot” you can choose from 45 different departments and clinics. You can book an appointment by Date/ Doctor. Consultation fees for Private and General Consultations.

9. Each clinic specializations are mentioned on a screen pop up depending upon which clinic you choose.

10. A screen pop up emerges saying “Fix an Appointment” which mentions the following:

  • Appointment type – Private/ General
  • Clinic name
  • Day and Date of appointment
  • Name of doctor
  • Book now

11. You need to click on “Book Now” to receive payment options. On this screen, you can re-check your booking and make changes if in your appointment if you need to and click on “Proceed Payment”.

12. Upon clicking “Proceed Payment” you will be re-directed to the payment gateway, after which you will receive your Payment status and Appointment print.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment Procedure For The Old Patient

  1. If you are an old patient, you can log in to their patient portal with your User ID and birth year or password.
  2. The website will re-direct you from the login page to “Book a slot” and book your appointment followed by payment.
  3. Birth year is important to re-book your appointment.
  4. If you already have an “old hospital number”, you have to use the same hospital number for online registration.
  5. If you happen to make a new registration number in spite of having an old hospital number, you need to contact OPD manager’s office where both your old and new numbers will be continued as one number. But in this case, you will have to make a fresh appointment with your number along with re-payment.

Procedure For Emergency Appointment In CMC Vellore

  1. Any patient who wishes to be seen in urgently can opt to visit an alpha clinic.
  2. The patient can request to see a consultant of their choice doctor. The consultant, however, has the right to decline an appointment.
  3. Advance booking cannot be done for an alpha clinic.
  4. You can also contact Patient Service Manager for an alpha clinic appointment.
  5. You need to present your hospital number card and a legal identity proof to visit an alpha clinic.
  6. Accident and emergency medicine departments are open 24 hours. All patients are required to first register at the casualty counter.
  7. There is a separate Chest Pain Unit for patients coming to the emergency department with chest pain.

CMC Vellore Online Appointment FAQ

1. What Happens If I Book A Wrong Appointment?

  • In case of a wrong booking, you need to book an appointment again through the website or app.
  • Payment made for the wrong appointment cannot be refunded.
  • Once you have booked an appointment in a particular department, it cannot be changed and you need to re-book if you have chosen a wrong department.

2. Can I Change The Date Of Your Appointment?

  • Yes. Date of appointment can be postponed, but only once.
  • Go to the website. Click on “Are you a patient?”
  • Click on “Book an appointmentâ€. From here you can “Book/Change appointment dateâ€.

3. What Is Pre-Registration?

  • Pre-registration is a facility to fill complete data online and make an appointment at CMC.
  • You get a confirmation number from pre-registration which can be presented for General consultation as well as Silver Gate (Private consultation) anytime between 6 am – 8.30 pm (Monday to Friday), 6.30 am – 6 pm on Saturday and 6.30 a – 2 pm on Sunday.

4. What Are The Modes Of Online Payment?

  • You can make payment online by Debit/ Credit card or through Net banking.

5. How Can I Get The Receipt After Online Payment?

  • You can download and take a print out of the receipt from your own computer.
  • In case of any problems, you can contact G32 ISSCC building.

6. Can I Approach For An Early Appointment?

  • You can avail an early appointment if cancellations are available from counter number 492 in ISSCC building for General consultations and Silver Gate Room number 600 for Private appointments.

7. Which Documents Are To Be Carried For An Appointment?

  • You need to carry your hospital card and legal identity proof.

8. Can I Book An Appointment Through Any Guides Outside CMC?

  • CMC does not have any official guides outside.
  • You can book an appointment directly through cash counters.
  • Beware of individuals who ask for extra payment.

9. Can I Book An Appointment In Two Different Departments?

  • Yes. You can book an appointment in two different departments at the same time.

10. What Are A Hospital Card Number And OPAD?

  • Hospital card number is a form of patient identity which can be used for payments and appointments anywhere and everywhere in CMC.
  • OPAD is an out-patient advance. It is a service through which patients can pay an advance sum of money for their future treatments, investigations and procedures.
  • OPAD money is kept safe since only the patient can use this amount.
  • OPAD money can be loaded by Debit/ Credit card. Refund of the remaining amount will also be available if you wish to receive a refund.
  • If you are an old patient who does not have a hospital number card, please contact counter 402 in ISSCC building.
  • In case of loss of hospital number card, you can approach counter 402 in ISSCC building with legal identity proof. Rs. 100 will be charged for a duplicate hospital number card.

11. If I Have A Complaint, Whom To Report To

  • In case you need to report a complaint, you can contact the Floor Manager or Patient care Facilitator in the hospital.
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