Common Eye Defects You Should Not Neglect

Common Eye Defects You Should Not Neglect

Common eye defects

Eyes are supposed to be the windows to one’s soul and nothing can equal the miraculous and precious gift of sight. However, more often than not, people have lost clarity and complete vision as well, not due to serious eye defects, but because of shrugging off simple warning signs as being common.

But the whole point is that defects of the eye are not exactly mundane, and may occur due to serious illnesses that are often revealed after things are well past any chance of treatment or cure. So the next time you feel an itch or redness in the eye, don’t discard the signs as the vestiges of a rough night, and seriously ‘look’ into it before it gets worse.

Here Are a Few Eye Defects That Can Actually Hoodwink You:

  • Red eyes: The most common of eye afflictions, redness of the eyes has you seeing red. Caused by varied reasons including dust in the eyes, long nights at work and an extra peg of liquor, conjunctivitis is also an affliction with underlying causes that may include allergies to certain chemicals or environments. But repeated bouts of the same may mean something more, and hence must be looked into immediately.

  • Dry eyes: Since going tearless is equal to heartlessness, you might want to get your eyes checked when you find yourself unable to tear up. Dry eyes result from malfunctioning tear ducts that may need a closer inspection if the situation persists.

  • Seeing things: The curious odd spots of particles and bizarre shapes that form in front of your eyes are called floaters. A very common thing for a lot of people, floaters actually can be signs of deeper issues such as retinal detachment, and hence must never be ignored.

  • Too teary eyes: Dry eyes are not exactly great, but so are eyes that are always ready to burst into tears. Too many tears generally indicate sensitivity to light, wind and temperature changes, but may also be a result of hidden eye infections or faulty tear ducts.

  • Shutter problems: Your eyelids are what protect your eyes from the elements. The most familiar symptoms of eyelid problems are also itchiness, inflammation, and increased sensitivity to light. Afflictions of the eyelids need medication, apart from general cleanliness and must never be ignored as an ordinary problem.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad