Does Calcium Tablets Affect Your Heart

Does Calcium Tablets Affect Your Heart

As one gets old, the bones start getting weaker and to combat this condition, people rely on Calcium tablets. Have you ever reflected if this has an impact on your heart?

Research shows that there is a definitive link between calcium and risk of heart diseases. This should not be confused with natural calcium sources (such as milk and tomatoes). Their role in supplying the body with a spectrum of nutrients is undeniable. The focus is on the artificial supplements that we see endorsed by companies.

The first thumb rule is to never take supplements without the consent of a doctor. Depending on your body condition, related health issues and medical history, supplements are not at all suitable for few people. Women who suffer from Osteoporosis are usually advised to depend on supplements. In this condition, the bones become fragile and are susceptible to fracture. This is usually found in women aged over 50 years.

Secondly, the strong link between increased intake of supplements and higher levels of Cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. All these directly affect the normal functioning of the heart. The famous National Health and Nutrition conducted multiple surveys and analyzed the trends globally to attest to this fact.

Lastly, though not fully clear yet, there seems to be a marginal correlation between intake of calcium supplements and developing type 2 Diabetes. More research is being conducted in this area and the current results show mixed inference.

Doctors have come to establish that there is a need to dig deeper into the effects of artificial sources of Calcium and increased health risks with a special focus on heart issues. One fact that all agree upon is the need to market and encourage the need to depend on dairy products for calcium requirements. Food like yoghurt, cheese, milk should be preferred and supplied in abundance to combat the requirement for artificial supplements.

Consuming adequate calcium through natural sources stores the excess in the body as ‘reserves’ and it gets thinned during old age, thereby reducing the need to take in extra doses from supplements.