Dr. Ashok Reddy

Dr. Ashok Reddy
Hair Transplant Specialist, Hyderabad


  • Dr. Ashok’s Aesthetic Clinic & Dr. Ashok’s Hair Transplant Clinic have established him as a Pioneer in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Restoration Surgery in Andhra Pradesh
  • Dr. Ashok worked overseas in Iran and Nigeria
  • Dr. Ashok established his practice in the challenging field of Aesthetic Medicine
  • He was the pioneer and first in the state of Andhra Pradesh to establish Laser Hair removal
  • He has been successfully performing Hair Transplant Surgeries since the year 1999
  • He has been covered in 15th March 2004 issue of 'India Today' magazine


  • Hair Transplantation



  • Graduating in Medicine from Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad in 1978
  • Training in Aesthetic Medicine in Italy
  • Training in Hair Restoration Surgery in USA

Practice Information

Dr. Ashoks Hair Transplant Clinic, Hyderabad

Dr. Ashoks Hair Transplant Clinic, Hyderabad

326, Lakshmi Nilayam, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500016


09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Patient Experience

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Achievements & Contributions

  • He is a National Faculty in Haircon , the annual conference of Hair Transplantation conducted once in a year in India where Doctors from all over the world attend
  • He then became a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)
  • Dr. Ashok is the Founder Member and Executive Committee Member of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons in India


Laziness, which making people to get effect with different problems and the important factor is diet their people really fail to tale a proper diet. In general no one cares about anything till it effects in great pain. So here we have to take care of ourselves. By this we can predict ourselves from various problems. Health is dependent on two factors effectively they are food habits and other thing is living habits. So find here some best diet tips and the ways to get rid of laziness from your life.

The foods like high calories, fatty foods, sugar products, high processed foods, junk foods are some foods which effects health and which makes calls laziness in to the body. Not only these foods but also all the foods comes in to the same order when they are not taken in a proper way and the intake of the foods also is a cause so eat all the foods but everything should be in limits. Like following foods and changing them as per menu for a week. It’s better to maintain a diet program for a week and change it for every seasonal because some seasons have some regular foods that which boost health. Eat food in limited way and eat foods in fewer amounts as compared to day times in the nights. So as because in the nights the metabolism will not function as it works in the day. Breaking meals in to many as much as possible and be sure to take in less amounts and also keep in mind that do not skip meals.

Eating foods and not on works will also leads towards laziness. Include fruits which are good to improve health conditions. Take a regular gap between you works especially when you are on work. Take your diet in regular time of interval of time. Stay of television while you are taking your foods and also keep a limit of time while some people has the habit of sitting with television, system, video games for hours together which will has great impact on laziness and here tips is the process where the laziness starts. To kick start your day you have to make a habit of getting early in the morning, getting up early in the morning is not enough so you have to add walking a regular habits and upon your strength making it in to bigger. Make a habit of organizing your life if possible maintain a notebook or diary. Sleep is also a factor which effects on laziness. To organize all the things need to follow healthy food habits, and do physical activities on regularly. To get organize implement yoga, this will change you. It will help to get organized physically and mentally will have a good command over you. It is always necessary to get balanced over you because without anything from this two physically or mentally will effect indirectly on health and will damage you in different forms.

Conclusion: over doing anything will really hurt you so do everything in a moderate to be healthy and active throughout the day and life.

This blog is a general experience of Dr Ashok leading hair transplantation surgeon in Hyderabad, on general life observation.  As there is a great difference between present and the past two decades as we could see many changes evolved in the technology. Technology has brought many changes in the lifestyles. Like a coin technology has two shades from it and obviously it depends on how we leverage technology.

Mostly youth has addicted to easy things in life and this has turn human life in to immobile. Everyone started to find easy things. As generation has changed to it times by the easy activities. Let us find some of the changes from time to time frames. Earlier it was difficult to get connected with any means and now it has become so cheaper so people around has also turned to choose easy thing and this has changed their life styles. in the past people normally used to walk when ever anything to work on and as when it is compared to modern trend for everything and any distances they use vehicles. As this will results in laziness in life. It is not the meaning that we have to use technology always but also we have work physical if not which leads to different modules in health and many other.

Present generation has become more complex where as there no time to spend it for themselves which has great impact on their behaviors and health too. Modern means of technology has brought many changes in one’s lifestyle. No one is caring for physical activities as physical activities ahs goes far away from the past two decades. If we see still in villages there is great difference in between the youth of villages as compared to youth in metropolitan cities. When we compare these two youth people there we find many changes in their life styles as we all know that people residing in villages survive more than that of the age who leads their life in more complex network. Still we find villagers lacking in the technological aspects. If we look at modern youth they more addicted to bad habits like smoking and drinking a lot. Also they enjoy late nights hanging out with friends. Modern age youth are not ready to work on their body and they do not even care about their health in day to day life. After the hanging out with friends of course they will make their start very late in the morning which may cause different problems in their day to day life. Sticking to computers for longer span of time which will has different defects on eyes and body parts.

Also we find many revolutionary changes in food habits where easy foods are preferred in day to day life. Especially food habits have a great impact on anything so because when a human body supports and reacts simultaneous to the situation. As part of modernization youth habits of eating foods also have taken place a change in eating. Not eating foods in time also leads to several health problems. Also we can say that social media has also impact on health. As modern youth is taking everything as stress which implies on mental imbalance. There is also a  need to follow a balanced diet and do not prefer foods which are prepared outside .if it is time to hangout and to attend any other parties then be in your limits and return home early so that it has impact on the next day.

Conclusion: when we able to leverage the technology in right direction the health of youth will be as healthy as it was before and more than that of any. Follow healthy food habits and healthy lifestyle.

On internet you find soursop fruit users building immunity. Well it is true. Soursop leaf is a immune builder, not because I m writing, it is due to its biodiversity. To be healthy and lead a healthy life one has to improve immunity level which will be helping us by defending with eternal micro organism from getting effected with some or the other health problems. The main cause of immunity is diet and by following workouts in day to day life regularly without fail. As when it comes to health as a factor definitely we have to take a balanced diet and along with it a regular physical exercise. When a human fails to follow any one of this two then he may get affected with some or the other health problem. When a human is getting regularly affected with health problems then, it means lower immunity power so to improve immunity power there we gave to follow a healthy diet plan and also physical workout is necessary. Do not worries you will be find the best ways and easy ways to improve your immunity power.