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DIVINE HEALTH CLINIC is the destination where your mental, psychological and emotional problems will not only be cured BUT can be eliminated from your life forever. Come for counseling session to help us to diagnose the root cause of your problem, then go for the best suitable therapy to get rid of your problem forever, and that too without medication.
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Divine Health Clinic, Chandigarh

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It is a real story of a woman who is alone and loneliness has always been with her for a long long time. She has been married to a man whose presence has never accomplished her relationship with him. What could she expect from a drug addict. Although she loved him from the core of her heart when he was alive. His sudden death shocked her three years ago. Priya (I changed her name), the daring and strong woman, was in the condition of nostalgia. She should be happy to know that she was not obliged to take care of a drug addict and to tolerate his abusive nature, and she was free to fly like a bird in the open sky, to breathe like a human being rather than being a slave or she should be sad to know that the only man, the only earning hand and a figure of social security (very common in India) in the family was no more.

The only question in her mind was, when she came to me for the first time for her PLR (Past life regression), "Why I am so lonely?" People in Eastern countries, like in India, believe in past lives without any clinical evidence. They do not need any authentication unlike western countries. She also knew that there are past lives because soul is immortal. Soul changes bodies, like we change clothes as mentioned in the most respectable holy book 'Bhagwat Geeta' wrote by Shri Krishna. She believed that she had done something wrong to someone and for that she had to bear that much emotional pain as a punishment. We have to clear our debts here, on earth, in this life, but if we are unable to clear those debts (emotional and spiritual), we have to reincarnate to clear those debts with interest. It does not mean that we are suffering just because we have done something wrong to someone for sure. Sometimes God tests us to give us the best. God checks do we really deserve what he has decided to give us. Sometimes we have to struggle and bear pain for our spiritual growth as Dr Brian Weiss says. 

Mujeres Tristes 3

"My name is Alisha...I have worn a skirt...check skirt and white blouse..shoes are...like black school shoes...I am waiting for someone." she uttered when I regressed her to a deep trance state. "Who are you waiting for?" I wanted to know and she replied "My boyfriend..Tom." She was 14 and her boyfriend was of 20 years and it was her neighborhood where she was standing. Tom was her neighbor. I asked, "Can you tell me the time or year?" Her eyes were fluttering under her eyelids as if she was scanning, " Its September 12....and 1860...Its Tom's birthday..and we have planned to go to Platinum Garden...that is why I am waiting for him after my school gets over." I asked, "What is the name of your school and where is it? Do you know your full name?" She replied, "Its...St. Stephen School...its in Goa, India...and yes, I know my full name...Alisha Gulshower."

"What happened next? Go to an important event of your life." As I counted backward from 3 to 1 and tapped on the mid of her forehead, she became upset and a tear rolled down from the corner of her left eye, "My parents are not alive...!" I asked, "What is your age now?" "I am 22 years old..I am all alone...even Tom has left me. He has shifted with his family...very far...he is very far from me...we will never meet again...everyone has left me. I am so young..I need you mom, I need you dad...why you left me?" Her facial expressions and her words were not enough to express her solitude. I gave my condolence to her and tried to move her further, "Go ahead. What happened next in your life? Had you got anyone whom you loved or who loved you?" Her face was expressing her calmness then. She spoke, "No, I haven't got anyone. I am working and living alone. I am fine but not happy inside. I have everything but something is still missing...I think that something is... someone who can understand me, love me and be with me forever." I took her to her next important event. She found herself in an Old Age Home. She was 60 years old at that time. In the next moment, when I took her to her death  moment, she found herself lying on a bed and waiting for her death to come. Her age was 80 at the time of her death.

"A light came...white light...so bright...I am floating above my body. I can see myself." She felt so relaxed. I needed to know what had she learnt from that life. She told me, "I am alone and it's just me... I am responsible for that. If I would have given a chance to me..to someone to enter in my life after Tom, I might have not been died in an Old Age Home...and I am doing the same in my current life too. After my husband's death, I am alone..in this life too...same is happening again." I advised her, " But you should give a chance to your life again. You still have the time. You can break this pattern, you have to, with your courage..that you have in yourself. If you have the courage to live alone, why don't you have the courage to be happy with someone who could love you...love...that you deserve. You deserve happiness that comes with love."

After her regression, she felt so light and a feeling of happiness could be seen in her eyes. She could see her life with a positive attitude then and that was most important for her and for everyone.

Stay positive and stay happy...always..!


It was an afternoon of summers. A patient named Vikas came to me for his past life regression just to experience it and to know "If a past life exist, really???". I tried my best ponder all my energy and knowledge with great concentration to hypnotise him. He went into a deep hypnotic trance state within twelve to fifteen minutes. "Look at your feet, try to look and recognise where are you? Can you see someone or yourself" I inquired according to the process. He was silent. I waited for his response. I could see his face expressions, he was being anxious as if feeling uncomfortable. I thought I was not able to regress him because that was my first attempt. Silence was broken "Its a road, may be in the old times road as if in Europe or England...but I am unable to go forward". He explained later that he saw a road the moment he entered into his past life. He wanted to go his home but he couldn't. Instantly he felt as if the bed, he was lying on at the time of regression, started revolving very fast like a fan and his head started spinning like a wheel. That's why he was unable to speak for some moments after entering into his past life.

"Go to your home Vikas" I instructed. "I can't.." he was still anxious. I understood that there might be some extremely painful memory and his conscious mind was not allowing him to see that incident again. It happens, your subconscious mind keeps on storing your each and every memory whether it was in past life(s) or in current life but when we awake your subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, your painful or traumatic memories aggravate and your conscious mind doesn't allow you to watch them again. Why? My experience says your soul doesn't want to go through that trauma again but you should go through it. It makes you stronger and most importantly it diminishes the affect of that trauma still prevailing in your life and affecting you badly. In this way your soul (or we call subconscious mind in psychological language) grows to see the world in a different way and to tackle the problems, big or small, in a matured manner. 


He was very strong and determined. He prepared himself to go and see what happened in his house in his past life. "I'll count backward from five to one. The moment I count one, you will enter into your home. Five..go to your home..four..I know you can..three, two..you are almost going to enter into your home..one, be there! what do you see? how is you home? who all are there?" I helped him to regain his confidence. "Its a wooden house. I'm sitting on my bed. My daughter is lying on my lap. She is not well. She has a high fever." It seems like his heart was filled with lot of pain. "Haven't you called up a doctor?" I asked. "Yes, I did but its raining badly. He hasn't come yet. My daughter is dying" a drop of tear was falling from the corner of his left eye. "What happened next? Were you able to save your daughter?" I was trying to move him further. "No! she is dead. She is just 3 years old...so small...so adorable..how could she die!" his pain and grief was inexpiable. More tears started falling from his eyes. "Who else is there?" I tried to take him out of that grief. "My wife" he grabbed his strength. "Come out of that moment. That event is over. You lost your daughter so early whom you loved so much. She will definitely come back in your current life or in your future life." I then took him to his that life's one more important event. His wife left him because she thought he was responsible for their daughter's death. She went to her mother. She never came back. "Had you ever tried to make her understand that that was not your fault?" when I asked he said "No". I advised him to go and make his wife understand the situation. It was not his mistake. He loved his daughter so much. He was equally in the trauma of losing his daughter as she was. He was all alone and crying. His tears were unstoppable here in front of me also. Al last, he again determined to go and talk to his wife. He went to her. "I hug her tightly. I am so alone. I need you Paris. My life is incomplete without you. There is nothing...I'm nothing...without you..please come back" His wife's name was Paris in that lifetime.  "Do you know her in your current life?" when I inquired he instantly replied "Oh! Yes, she is Poonam" Poonam was his girlfriend in his current life. He lived a completely painful and lonely life. He was seemed to be pooped up there on the bed also. I decided to take him back in his current life.

Later he told me he felt so relaxed and light after meeting his wife. He hadn't met her after she left him in his that life but after doing that he was feeling so satisfied and assured because he knew that his wife had met him again in this life. He understood that she was same her soul was  same, only bodies changed. He told me that he is medically fit but he always had a fear in his current life that he would not be able to have a child and if he had he would lost that child and he always wanted a girl child. He was not married but that was his feeling that he shared with me. Same thing he felt about his girlfriend. He understood that that was all his past life's connection with his girlfriend and with his daughter. Both left him  and he was all alone.

Always listen to you inner voice, the voice of your subconscious mind or soul. It is always right for you. Vikas listened to his inner voice and determined to see his past no matter how painful that might be. The purpose of seeing or going through that painful journey of his past life again was vanishing his fear of losing his dear ones in his present life. he understood that his wife left him in his past life but she came back in his present life. Bodies changed but the soul is same. He is sure that his past life's daughter will also come back in his present life.