Dr. Raje Nijhawan Pathologist in Chandigarh

Dr. Raje Nijhawan

Pathologist, Chandigarh

MBBS, MD (Pathology)

  • 1 Hospital


  • Pathology


  • Cytology & Gynaecological Pathology


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Achievements & Contributions

  • Hemachandran M, Nijhawan R, Srinivasan R, Rajwanshi A. Collagenous bodies in endometriotic cysts. Diagn Cytopathol. 2004; 31: 330-32.
  • Gupa N, Srinivasan R, Nijhawan R, Dhaliwal LK. Primary fallopian tubal transitional cell carcinoma with exfoliation of malignant cells in cervical Pap smear. Cytojournal 2005;2:20.
  • Nijhawan R, Rajwanshi A. Cytomorphologic and morphometric limitations of the assessment of atypia in fibroadenoma of the breast. Analyt Quant Cytol Histol 2005;27:273-6.
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  • Adhya Ak, Mahesha V, Srinivasan R, Nijhawan R, Rajwanshi A, Suri V, Dhaliwal LK. Atypical glandular cells in cervical smears: histological correlation and suggested plan of management based on age of the patient in a low-resouece setting. Cytopathology 2009;20:375-9.
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  • Samanta S, Dey P, Nijhawan R. Micronucleus in cervical intraepithelial lesions and carcinoma. Acta Cytol 2011;55:42-7.
  • Member Indian Academy of Cytologists 
  • Member Indian Association of Cancer Research