Dr. Ruchi Arora Psychiatrist in Chandigarh

Dr. Ruchi Arora

Psychiatrist, Chandigarh

M. Phil


  • Overall experience is of more than 6 years & is exclusively running the Child Guidance & Adolescent Guidance Clinic
  • Providing psychological interventions like counseling, behavior therapy, Stress Management analytical, Psycho-education and psychotherapies for people and adolescents facing problems related to addiction of various kinds and other related psychotherapies for various psychological stresses any person is going through.
  • Good team member for the comprehensive management of Psychiatric illness and de-addictive disorders.


  • Psychiatry


  • Mood Disorders

  • Sleep Disorders


  • Mood disorders
  • Psychosexual problems
  • Sleep disorders


  • M. Phil

Practice Information

Achievements & Contributions

  • Gold medalist in M.Phil (Clinical Psychology ).
  • She has been writing regularly for various papers under the name of Simmi Waraich.