Dr. Vikas Gupta Orthopedic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Orthopedic Surgeon, Gurgaon


  • 1 Hospital
  • 1 Private Practice


  • Medanta – The Medicity Head & Senior Consultant, Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, November 2009 to present
  • Fortis Group of Hospitals Consultant - Hand & Upper Extremity, Nov 2006 – Oct 2009
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Associate Professor, July 2004- Nov. 2006
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Assistant Professor, May 2000- June 2004
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Senior Research Officer, Nov. 1999 – Feb 2000
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Senior Resident, Aug. 1996 – Sept 1999


  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Bone Marrow Transplant


  • Carpal Tunnel Release

  • Elbow Arthroscopy


  • All diseases of upper limb
  • Joint replacement in upper limb eg . Finger, wrist & Elbow
  • Wrist & Elbow Arthroscopy
  • Complex hand & Wrist Trauma
  • Elbow Trauma & Instability
  • Congenital problems of hand and wrist
  • Minimally invasive procedures like endoscopic carpal tunnel release, endoscopic cubital tunnel release, endoscopic dequervan’s release.
  • Wrist Instability correction


  • MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences  
  • MS Orth from All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Practice Information

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

2 Press Enclave Road, Saket, Delhi, Delhi - 110017

Private Practice Information

Handsurgery Clinic

Handsurgery Clinic

N-236, Nandi Vithi, Greater Kailash I, Near Archana shopping complex, - 110048

  • (+91) 9899104263

Achievements & Contributions

  • 45 Publications in National and international journals
  • 125 presentations in national and international conferences
  • Awarded traveling fellowship by Delhi Orthopaedic association
  • Awarded World Orthopaedic concern fellowship for hand surgery.
  • Awarded Indian orthopaedic Association ( Johnson & Johnson ) travelling fellowship
  • Best Paper Award “ Wrist Arthroscopy” presented at north zone Indian Orthopaedic Association at Srinagar
  • First wrist replacement in India
  • First endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release
  • First Endoscopic Dequervan’s Release
  • Dr. Vikas Gupta contribution to the field of medical science has been invaluable, and this fact is supported by the countless publications Dr. Vikas Gupta has been a part of. Some of the publications co-authored by Dr Gupta are:“Multiple bony swelling and joint stiffness”Details: Post Graduate Medical Journal, June 1997, vol.73, No.860, p.341-343Authors: Mittal R, Gupta V, Bhan S.
  • “Ewing’s Sarcoma Calcaneum- a case report with review of literature”Details: The J. foot and ankle surgery 38(1):61-65,1999Authors: Gupta V, Mittal R, Rastogi S, Khurana J.
  • “Compartment syndrome of thigh and role of skin scars: case report and review of the literature”Details: J. Trauma: Injury,Infection,and Critical Care Vol. 45(2):395-396,1998Authors: Mittal R, Gupta V.
  • “Giant cell tumor of rib on anterior aspect a rare location”Details: Arch. Trauma and Orthop. Surg. Vol. 120(3/4):231-232,2000Authors: Gupta V, Mittal R.
  • “Tuberculosis of foot”Details: J. Bone and Joint Surg. Vol. 81B No. 6, Nov. 1999.Authors: Mittal R, Gupta V, Rastogi S.
  • “Comparative efficacy and safety of Nimesulide vs Piroxicam in osteoarthritis with special reference to chondroprotectio.”Details: Am. J. of Therapeutics Vol 6: No 4: July 1999: 191-198.Authors: S. Sharma, S. Rastogi, V. Gupta, D. Rohtagi and P. Gulati.
  • “Giant cell tumors of tendon sheath: Is radiotherapy indicated to prevent recurrences after surgery?”Details: J. Bone and Joint Surg. Vol. 82B No. 4; 571-3,May 2000.Authors: Kotwal P.P., Gupta V., Malhotra R.
  • “Giant cell tumors of tendon sheath” (Correspondence)Details: J. Bone and Joint Surg. Vol. 82B;1206, Nov. 2000.Authors: Kotwal P.P., Gupta V., Malhotra R.
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  • “Tuberculous osteomyelitis after open fracture femur”Details: J Trauma. 2003 Jul;55(1):144-6.Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V., Mittal R.
  • “Isolated Tuberculous abscess in Biceps Brachii Muscle of a young male”Details: Journal of Infection. 2002 May; 44(4):265-6.Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V.
  • “Ollier’s disease: characterstic Tc-99m MDP scan features”Details: Clin Nucl. Med 2003 Jan; 28(1);56-7.Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V, Kumar R.
  • “A rare cause of backache in an adult male”Details: Postgraduate Med J. 2002 Dec; 78(926); 760.Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V.
  • “Recurrent Osteoid Osteoma- a case report with imaging features”Details: Clin Imaging. 2003 Jul-Aug;27(4):269-72Authors: Kumar R, Chandershekhar N, Dasan JB, Ashok S, Rastogi S, Gupta V, Hadi H, Choudhary S.
  • “Tuberculosis of Calcaneus: Assessing Treatment Response by Tc-99m MDP Scintigraphy”Details: Clin Nucl Med. 2004 Aug;29(8):506.Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V, Rastogi S, Kumar R.
  • “Increased uptake in Tc-99m MDP scan of sacral chordoma: an unusual presentation”Details: Clin. Nucl Med. 2004 Sep;29(9):562-3Authors: Trikha V., Gupta V, Kumar R.
  • “Neglected tendon and nerve injuries of the hand”Details: Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2005 Feb;(431):66-71Authors: Kotwal PP, Gupta V.
  • “Locking compression plate in long standing clavicular nonunions with poor bone stock”Details: J Trauma. 2008 Feb;64(2):439-41Authors: Khan SA, Shamshery P, Gupta V, Trikha V, Varshney MK, Kumar A.
  • “Three Phase Bone Scan in detection of loosening in Total Hip Arthroplasty”Details: Indian J. Orthop. Vol 30:186-190,1996Authors: Gupta V, Rastogi S, Padhi A.K., Farooque M., Dave P.K.
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  • “External fixators in hand”Details: Orthopedics Today Vol. 1 No.2, Oct.-Dec., 1999Author: Gupta V.
  • “Clinical Round ‘Open fractures’”Details: Orthoscan, Vol.5 issue 1, March 1998Authors: Gupta V, Mittal R.
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  • “(How) have you washed your hands today?”Details: Orthoscan Vol.6 (2), Aug. 1999Author: Gupta V.
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  • “Is Miniquadricepsplasty Plus Arthroscopy A Sound Technique?” Details: Letter to the editor. J bone joint surg (Am) online. (2 August 2006)Authors: Bhavuk Garg, Vijay Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Rajesh Malhotra.
  • “Additional Technical Errors Causing LCP failure”Details: Letter to the editor. J bone joint surg (Am) online. (2 August 2006)Authors: Bhavuk Garg, Vikas Gupta and P.P. Kotwal.
  • “Is Use of Three Lateral Pins The Best Option?”Details: Letter to the editor. J bone joint surg (Am) online. (29 November 2006)Authors: Bhavuk Garg, Vijay Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Arvind Jayaswal.
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  • “An unusual cause of shoulder pain in an adult”Details: Vigour zoom (in press)Authors: Garg B, Sharma V, Gupta V.
  • “Reduction and pinning of pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures in the prone position-Is it really harmless.”Details: Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. (Accepted)Authors: Garg B, Sharma V, Gupta V, Kotwal PP.
  • “Volar locking plate: Is it answer to all unstable distal radius fractures”Details: Letter to the editor. J bone joint surg (Am) online. (9th January , 2007)Authors: Garg B, Gupta V, Malhotra R, Kotwal PP.
  • The exhaustive list of publications is not all that he has produced, with “The Hand and Foot”, in “Essentials of surgery”, Jaypee Publications, a book, in which Dr. Gupta wrote an entire chapter. The book is written with co-authors, V Trikha, T sivaraman and was released in New Delhi, in 2005
  • Medical Council of India
  • Delhi Medical Council
  • Haryana Medical Council
  • Delhi Orthopaedic Association
  • Indian Orthopaedic Association
  • Indian Foot Society
  • Orthopaedic Research Society ( AIIMS)
  • Association of Spinal surgeons of India
  • Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeons
  • Indian Rheumatology Association
  • Indian Arthroscopy society
  • Gurgaon Orthopaedic society
  • Noida Orthopaedic Club
  • Indian Federation of sports Medicine
  • Madhya Pradesh Orthopaedic Association

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