Dr. Vineet Vinayak Dentist in Gurgaon

Dr. Vineet Vinayak

Dentist, Gurgaon


  • 26 Years Experience
  • 1 Hospital


Dr. Vineet Vinayak is a consultant Dentist practicing at Smilessence Specialist Dental Center, Gurgaon. Dr vineet vinayak  specialises in Root Canals, Implants and Zygomatic Implants. Dr.vineet vinayak has worked as assistant professor and then was promoted to associate professor in the speciality of conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at various Dental Institutes in Delhi NCR region. Dr vineet vinayak has been teaching graduates and postgraduates since 2002. Dr. Vineet Vinayak has published papers in various Dental Journals, conducted various workshops for Dental Graduates. In many conferences, Dr. vineet vinayak has presented Best Clinical Papers for Complicated Clinical Cases with success record.
  • Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil


Junior Resident Doctor, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi 1998 -  1999

Senior Resident Doctor, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi 2002 -  2003

Specialist, Apollo, New Delhi 2003 -  2004

Assistant Professor, Subharti Dental College And Hospital, Meerut 2003 -  2004

Reader/Associate Professor, D.J Dental College And Hospital, Delhi NCR 2004 -  2008

Associate Professor & H.O.D, Kalka Dental College and Hospital, Delhi NCR 2008 -  2010

Associate Professor & H.O.D, ESIC Government Dental College And Hospital, Delhi NCR 2010 -  2011

Professor, IDST Dental College and Hospital, Delhi NCR 2011 -  2011

Chief Consultant Dental, Smilessence Specialist Dental Centre, New Delhi 2007 -  Present

Chief Consultant Dental, Smilessence Specialist Dental Centre, Gurgaon 2011 -  Present


  • Dentistry

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dentistry & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Endodontics

  • Implantology

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Orthodontics

  • Pediatric Dentistry

  • Prosthodontics


  • Abscess Incision and Drainage

  • Amalgam Dental Fillings

  • Anesthesia

  • Apicoectomy

  • Biopsy


  • Abscess

  • Ankylosis of Tooth

  • Canine Teeth, Absence Upper Permanent

  • Cavity

  • Chipped Tooth


Dr. Vineet Vinayak follows clinical expertise in:
  • Root Canals: single sitting,profile rotary,protaper.endomicroscopes and magnification loops,thermoplastisized gutta percha fillings,apex locators, rvg x rays,endobrushes for irrigation,core build ups,gold plated posts,non-metallic posts etc
  • Braces: invisible clearpath, ceramic, metal and lingual
  • Implants: single tooth,full mouth implants, single sitting implants, zygomatic implants,implant supported denture prosthesis etc
  • Dentures: Full Dentures, Partial dentures,Chrome cobalt cast dentures,Lucitone dentures, Acrylic dentures,Flexible dentures,Ivocap high impact dentures etc
  • Dr vineet vinayak also gives specialist treatment in
  • CAPS/ Crowns and Bridges: Full ceramic, CAD CAM Full ceramic,Lava crowns,3M ESPE Crowns full ceramic,PFM metal Ceramic crowns using vita,ivoclar,alumina,spinnel, cercon, zirconia and procera systems
  • Surgical Extraction: Simple, complex and last molar Impactions
  • Smile Designing: Esthetic Smile designing
  • Dr vineet vinayak and his team specialize in esthetic dental treatment like;
  • Bleaching: Using Laser ,Zoom and various bleaching combinations
  • Gum Surgeries
  • Tooth Fillings: Tooth colored fillings usingComposites, Giomers,Glass ionomer white fillings. Gold fillings, Inlay and onlay metal long lasting fillings
  • Scaling/Teeth Cleaning: Ultrasonic Scalers


BDS, 1996, Government Dental College and Hospital, Amritsar, Punjab, India

MDS, 2001, Ragas Dental College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Continuing Dental Education, 2006, Kings Dental College, London, U.K

Continuing Dental Education, 2007, Cardiff Dental School, Cardiff, Wales, U.K

Continuing Dental Education, 2008, Eastman Dental College And Hospital, London, UK

Continuing Dental Education, 2008, Edinburgh Dental Hospital, Glasgow, UK

Practice Information

Smilessence Dental Clinic, Gurgaon

Smilessence Dental Clinic, Gurgaon

SFF-102, Ansal Palam Triangle, Next to McDonald's, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122017

Achievements & Contributions

  • Library Dissertation during Postgraduation MDS on Pulp dentine complex Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Dissertation on Macromolecules, Cell organelles and cytological aspects of cell reproduction Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Thesis dissertation on Finishing and polishing of hybrid and microfilled composites- a profilometric, scanning electron microscopis and stereomicroscopic study Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Culture and sensitivity test in endodontics- importance and clinical relevance Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Casting failure and its remedies-a seminar Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Concept of caries immunity- anticaries vaccine  Dr VINEET vinayak
  • Influence of Ultrasonic Irrigation and Chloroform on Cleanliness of Dentinal Tubules During Endodontic Retreatment-An Invitro SEM StudyDr Mehak JainDr vineet vinayak
  • Best scientific paper presented in"Kerala state conference, Trichur, Kerala."Esthetic non metallic Endodontic posts for post endodontic restorations of severy mutilated teeth Dr Vineet Vinayak
  • Best scientific paper awarded at national conference of biomaterials at IIT Chennai on " Biomimetics, Bioenginering and advanced polymer resins as new restorative filling materials" at Chennai, Tamil nadu by Dr Vineet Vinayak
  • Best scientific clinical  paper awarded at Tamil Nadu state conference on " full mouth root canal Endodontic Rehabilitation in a medically compromised diabetes mellitus patient--case clinical report " by Dr Vineet Vinayak
  • Calcified root canals- negotiating the paradox; clinical case presentation at Federation of operative dentistry and indian endodontic society national conference, Calcutta.   Dr  vineet  vinayak
  • Zygomatic implants as implant supported prosthesis after failed implants- two clinical case presentations at Kerala  state conference, Trichur, Kerala. Dr vineet vinayak
  • Full mouth endodontic rehabilitation in a medically compromised elderly patient with diabetes mellitus- clinical case presentation at Tamil Nadu S tate Conference.   Dr vineet vinayak
  • Comparative analysis of five finishing and polishing devices on microfilled and hybrid composites used for restoration of mutilated teeth- a scanning electron microscopic study at South Delhi Branch ,Indian Dental Association conference. Dr vineet vinayak
  • Bonding agents of the new millennium for long lasting tooth restorations. at Conference of Indian association of Preventive Dentistry,New Delhi.  Dr vineet vinayak
  • Caries Diagnosis and management - new concepts at Federation of operative dentistry and indian endodontic society national conference, Kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu.  Dr vineet vinayak  
  • Esthetic non metallic endodontic glass fibre posts for reatoration of tooth after root cnala- two clinical case presentation. at Indian society of Dental Research conference at Vellore.  Dr vineet vinayak
  • Giomers and Ormocers- recent advances in restorative dentistry at Indian Society of Dental Research, Conference, Salem. Dr vineet vinayak
  • Lasers in Conservative Dentistry for restoration of teeth at Federation of operative dentistry and indian endodontic society P.G conference, Nainital. Dr vineet vinayak   
  • Member Indian Dental Association
  • Member indian Endodontic society
  • Member Of Federation of Operative Dentistry of India
  • Affliate Member Indian Prosthodontic Society
  • Member of Indian Association of Oral Implantologists
  • Member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Member of Royale society of Health   U.K