Dr.V.S. Mehta Neurologist in Gurgaon

Dr.V.S. Mehta

Neurologist, Gurgaon


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  • Prof. Dr. V.S. Mehta - Director and Chief of Neurosciences, at Paras Hospital since March 2006, is one of India’s Top Neurosurgeon
  • With an extensive experience as the Head of Neurosurgery and Chief of Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Dr. V.S. Mehta is been one of the top neurosurgeons in the country
  • A veteran in the field of neurosurgery, Dr. Mehta was elected as the president of the Neurological Society of India and as the President of the South Asian Neurosurgeons
  • Chief - Neurosciences Center, AIIMS, New Delhi(2001 - 2006)
  • Head - Dept. of Neurosurgery & Gamma Knife Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi(1994- 2006)


  • Neurology



  • MBBS, MS, Mch

Practice Information

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

C-1, Sushant Lok- 1, Phase- I, Sector 43, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

Achievements & Contributions

  • Presidential Oration on 17th December’2007 in its annual Conference of Neurological Society of India held at Agra”
  • A.D Sehgal Oration on 07th February’2009 in its annual conference of Delhi Neurological Association held at AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Invited to Deliver A.D.Sehgal Oration at Neurotrauma Conference 7-9th August 2009 at Jaipur on “Brachial Plexus Injuries”
  • Presidential oration on 11th Sept 2009 in its annual conference of Indian Society of Cerebrovascular Surgery held at Manipal on 11-12th Sept 2009
  • E. MERCK Gold Medal for best paper for year 1980 at its Annual conference of Neurological Society of India held at Calcutta
  • E. MERCK Gold Medal for best paper for year 1985 at its Annual conference of Neurological Society of India held at Madurai.
  • Jack and Monica Britton Traveling Fellowship to visit different Neurological Centres in United Kingdom in 1986.
  • Senior Commonwealth Fellowship 1994.
  • Indian Medical Association South Delhi Branch Special Award for excellence in academics, 16th December 2001.
  • Awarded for best recruiting STICH Centre in Asia June 2003.
  • Presidential Oration on 2nd February 2003 – Delhi Neurological Association
  • Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences 2003.
  • Awarded PADMA SHRI Award by the President of India for the year 2005 for the contribution in the field of Medicine
  • Nominated as Founder Member of World Academy of Neurological Surgeons in 2005
  • Dr Satyapal Aggarwal Memorial Annual Indian Medical Association (IMA) Oration on “Brain Tumours Past, Present and Future”, 22nd October 2005, Ludhiana
  • Delivered key note address in 6th Annual Meeting of Association of Neurosurgeon of China in 2006at Beijing”.
  • S.P. Srivastava Memorial oration on 14th Nov 2010 at its U.P. Con 2010, (U.P. Branch of IMA) at Saharanpur.
  • Honoured with Swasthya Bharat Samman by L.I.C. Zee News on 15th Nov. 2010 at Gurgaon
  • Dave – Newton oration on 19th Nov 2011 at K.G.M.C. Lucknow
  • A prospective study of pulmonary infection among 100 consecutive head injured patients
  • Reliability of CT scanning in the histological diagnosis of intracranial occupying lesions
  • Mycotic infection of the brain. A review of 12 cases
  • Critical evaluation and management of subdural hematoma
  • ICMR Research Project entitled “Collaborative study of head injuries, epidemiological, pathological, clinical and psychiatric aspects” - 1978-79. V.S. Mehta, P.N. Tandon etal
  • Results of surgery for brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries especially with the use of sural nerve grafts
  • Long-term follow up of Head injuries along with their psychological evaluatio
  • Pharmacological intervention in neurogenic pulmonary edema hemodynamic and biochemical profile
  • Day care surgery for selected group of Neurosurgical patients
  • Cardiovascular abnormalities in head injuries with use of betalblockers in selected group of patients
  • Clinical trial in high grade Malignant Glioma – combining radiotherapy with 2 Deoxy-D-Glucose in Escalating Doses
  • Mechanics of intracranial pressure to hyperthermia and raised ICP in primates
  • Role of Gamma Knife in Benign tumour of the brain
  • Role of Gamma Knife in A.V.M. of the brain
  • Recurrent Astrocytic tumours : A study of Proliferative Index, Apoptotic Index and P53 Protein expression
  • Ralte Angela Mercy, Sarkar Chitra, Karak A.K., Sharma M.C., Mehta V.S
  • The response of chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in high-grade glioma in Relation to P53 Protein expression
  • Ketan Kalinga, Julka P., Rath G.K., Sarkar C., Bal C.S., Mehta V.S
  • Treatment of severe Intraventricular Hemorrhage by Intraventricular infusion of Urokinasae – A Pilot Study
  • Padma M.V., Jain S., Maheshwari M.C., Mehta V.S., Tripathi M. and Sharma P
  • Non invasive optical firbre probe based Near Intra red Spectroscopy (NIRS) for assessing brain activity a D.S.T. Project in collaboration with IIT and National Physical Laboratory 2003-2005
  • Sharma Anurag, Mehta V.S., Gupta Aditya, Gupta B.D., Malhotra R
  • Multicentric International Trial on “Surgial Trial of Intracerebral Haemorrhage” funded by Stroke Association and Medical Research Council (U.K.). Mehta V.S., Chandra P.S., Prasad K., Tripathi Manjari, Singh Sumit 2000-2003
  • Decompressive craniectomy for intradural lesions in Head Injury, Multi Centric International Survey. A European Brain Injury Consortium 2001-2002
  • Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled, Multientric, Dose Escalation Study to Evaluate the Safety and Preliminary Efficiency of Recombinant Factor VIIa (Novo-Seven/Nia Stase) in subjects with Brain Contusion (Trial ID: F7CBI-1600) 2005. Mehta V.S., Kumar Rajender, Gupta A., Sinha S
  • Evaluating the status of pro-inflammatory mediators across different grades of human astrocytoma (NBRC) 2009. Sen E., Mehta V.S
  • Higher (Fourth) Order Diffusion Tensor MRI based Generalized Anisotropic mapping of low and high grade gliomas : Towards a pathognomic diagnostic signature. Paul S., Mehta V.S., Roy P.K
  • Higher (Fourth) Order Diffusion Tensor MRI based Generalized Anisotropic mapping of low and high grade gliomas : Paul S., Mehta V.S., Roy P.K
  • Higher Rank Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Brain Tumors. Paul S., Mehta V.S., Roy P.K
  • Compensatory mechanisms to preserve picture naming in patients with frontal lobe tumor. Chakraborty A., Mehta V.S., Singh N.S
  • Nominated as a guest member of “ The Japan Neurosurgical Society in 2006”
  • Nominated as International member of the “ Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery in 2007”