Dr. Yogesh Joshi

Dr. Yogesh Joshi
Ayurveda Specialist, Pune


Dr. Yogesh Joshi is a well experienced Ayurveda and Yoga Specialist with over 15 years experience. He is specialized in Panchakarma treatments, an expert in Yoga, Garbhasanskar program. Dr.Yogesh has been expertise with his treatments in Joint Disorders, Spine Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Gynecological Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders and Ayurvedic Pediatric Medicine.


Coordinator Holistic Cancer Care Unit, Lokmanya Hoshital, Pune May, 2005 -  September, 2009

Center Head - Ayurveda , Lokmanya Hospital, Pune June, 2007 -  February, 2011

Chief Consulting Physician, AyushmaanAyurveda, Pimplesaudagar, Pune July, 2000 -  Present


  • Ayurveda

  • Sexual Medicine

  • Rheumatic Disorders

  • Psoriasis

  • Preventive Medicine / Wellness

  • Post Natal Care

  • Pediatrics

  • Pain Management

  • Osteoporosis

  • Osteo Arthritis Knee

  • Orthopedics

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Gastrointestinal Medicine

  • Cardiology

  • Arthritis

  • Neurology

  • Spine Related Disorders


  • Garbhasanskar
  • Bejasanskar
  • Panchakarma
  • Meditation


BAMS, 1998, KVTR Ayurved College, Boradi, Boradi, India

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Ayushmaan Ayurved, Pune

Ayushmaan Ayurved, Pune

R1/6, Shubhashree Woods, Beside Solaris Gym, Near Dattraj Mandir, Pimple Saudagar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411027


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Ayushmaan Ayurveda

Ayushmaan Ayurveda

R/6, Shubhashree woods, Kunal Icon Road, Beside solaris Gym,Pimplesaudagar,, Pimplesaudagar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411027


08:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


08:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


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08:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


08:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM


08:00 AM - 01:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Now day’s arthritis, Spondiolysis, knee pain, etc is very commonly seen in young crowd. These symptoms are neglected until they become worse. One day comes when a person is not able to control the pain or he is not able to perform his daily activities freely. This time he rushes to the doctor. When he comes to know the things are controlled by muscle relaxants, anti inflammatory and analgesic, he continues with the medicines as and of to get relief. One day comes the pathology increases and there is no effect of medicines and other treatments. He has to undergo surgery. Not only young people, but the elderly people also are having the tendency to follow the same pattern.
First thing we need to know the basic cause behind this. People say we have got degenerative changes, there is a slip disc, the joints are degenerated and there is no fluid in the joints so they can’t perform their work. But there is a very big reason behind. Ayurved has explained the causes of arthritis, Spondiolysis, knee pain in detail.
It is very important and easy to understand the concept behind this. We know if any joint is to be made and has to be kept mobile the things surrounding the joints and the things supporting the joints should be strong and flexible. Along with flexibility this also need right alignment and lubrication. Same thing is with our joints. The things which give strength, support and flexibility to our joints are muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Due to our improper lifestyle and dietary habits the wear and tear caused to the muscles, ligaments and tendons is not replaced in good quality and quantity. Improper lifestyle and dietary habits affect our digestive system and this creates stress in the body elements. Due to lack of exercise and continues strain, our muscles become weak. They are unable to sustain the stress generated due to our daily routine on our body. Also a result of improper digestion, nourishment of our muscles, ligaments and tendons get affected. They become week and when pressure is given on these muscles, ligaments and tendons they contract. This is called spasm. Due to weakness of muscles, ligaments and tendons alignment of the joints is disturbed. This result in slip disc, disc prolapse, nerve compression and nerve irritation. Due to this we experience pain in the joints, back legs. Nerve supply to our legs and hands is through the spine. Nerves pass through the spine and the part which gets compressed due to disturbed alignment of spine results in pain of the particular part of hand of leg. If there is more compression it may result in tingling numbness also.
The concept of Rheumatoid arthritis is different from the above. If there is swelling in joints and there is shifting pain and swelling in the joints in all parts of body starting from big joints then it is said to be rheumatic. The cause of this is mainly chronic constipation and the “AAm” (toxic substance which is the result of improper digestion – This is produced in our body due to decaying of accumulated indigested byproduct of food in our intestine) which is absorbed through intestine in the blood stream and accumulates in the joints. There is continues feeling of weakness and fever along with lack of appetite. “RA” is mostly positive in these types of patients.

Treatment available at AYUSHMAAN AYURVED:-
Ø The treatment given for Spondiolysis, low back pain, slip disc, disc prolapse, sciatic knee joint due to degeneration and old age and all deformities of joints is based on a simple logic. The treatment consists of medicinal treatment to improve digestion, and strength of muscles, panchkarma treatment in 3 steps to relax the muscles, ligaments and tendons, to strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons and to tone muscles, ligaments and tendons. Exercises are suggested further to maintain the structure and strength of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Total period of the treatment is approximate 4 to 6 months depending on the age of a person.
Ø Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is bit different. It needs proper guidance and consistency in the treatment. The treatment consists of medicinal treatment to improve digestion and to remove all the toxins which are circulated through our body.

A feel of would be mother can’t be explained. It is to be experienced. Every lady is eager and anxious to experience this feel at least once in her life time. The happiness can’t be expressed in words. Every couple tries to enjoy the moments of would be parents. From the day one when they become aware about their, would be child they start planning for the baby’s wellbeing.

Simple definition of Sanskar is – 

“Sanskaro hi gunaantaradhanam”

Sanskar means to replace bad qualities by good ones. Simply we can state as making changes. So now here we are going to make good & positive transformation. Sanskar is the process which changes the property of the thing on which it is done. We can see the example of an artist who changes a big stone in a good sculpture.  He gives good look to the stone. He implants expressions in the stone which gives result to a good sculpture. This is because of his continues and hard efforts to change the stone to a good expressive sculpture. The process of Garbhasanskar is same. If good, hard and continues efforts are taken by the parents specially by mother to implant the good properties in the baby in womb , this in result will explore the good qualities of baby and a baby with good and desired qualities can be born. 
 Garbhasanskar is a process of nurturing the baby in womb. It is also a process of training the baby as well as mothers mind during pregnancy. The process starts from the stage of planning. Now days, Baby should not be by chance but by choice. Now days, we see maximum 1 or 2 children in a family. Parents take tremendous efforts to nourish their child from the beginning. They send their child for extra classes for studding, for extracurricular activities. Try to provide a very good shelter after the birth. But is this sufficient? Does it really affect the baby? The answer is no. Unless and until there is an inner instinct from the mind of the children to accept and grasp the things which are taught to them, it will not reflect in his qualities. This is developed during the pregnancy and is based on the effect of surrounding and thoughts and thought process of the mother. The thought process of the mother plays a valuable role in nurturing baby’s mind. There for it is suggested for would be mother protect her thought process through out during her pregnancy period. It is suggested to be in a good company which she enjoys. Eat the things which she likes but which are not harm full to the baby. It is also suggested to would be father to take care of the would be mother. Try to keep her happy. It is also suggested to read good books, leave in pleasant home. Work in pleasant surroundings. It is suggested for a would be mother to keep herself away from all the stress. Not to think negative. Not to think bad about anybody. This is because a single thought which comes to the mind either expressed or not makes impact on baby’s mind. This is because the mind of baby and the mother is intact and joined with other with. The main requirement to transmit 'good values' is to establish communication with the baby in the womb. Thoughts and feelings of the parents affect the baby. Even before the thought is expressed, it remains in an unexpressed form in the mind. At that time, its wavelength is the shortest and its energy is at the maximum level. Intentional, directed, selfless, unspoken thoughts lead to maximum Sanskar on the fetus. The food which she consumes also plays an important role in nurturing the baby’s built. The baby is nourished by the food which is consumed by the mother. If the digestion of the food is not good, the nourishment of the baby is also not good. So it is advised for the mother to consume the food which is easily digested and which will give good nourishment to the baby.
To develop the desired qualities in the baby every mother should follow the process of garbhasanskar.
As sanskar is a continues process it should be performed in regular intervals. It is suggested to do this sanskars 4 times a week. A unique process of garbhasanskar is developed at Ayushmaan Ayurved center in Pimplesaudagar, in pimprichinchwad municipal corporation area, Pune district. These classes are to help a mother to nurture the baby and to implant the desired qualities in her baby. The process includes a sessions of 30 minutes to 55 minutes. During this meditative session we help the mother to concentrate on herself and develop positive thoughts in the mind through a process of positive self talk. We also try to develop a path to join the minds of mother and baby through a meditation process developed at Ayushmaan Ayurved center. We help the mother to transfer the good thoughts through her through process. Mind of the mother is trained to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy. The mind is also trained to adopt good thought process. Group discussion is conducted on various topics to develop a good thought process. Different tools are implemented to develop various good qualities in the baby.  Based on the development of the baby in every month and changes in the body parts of the baby continues guidance is given regarding the diet of the mother to develop good and healthy organs.
We know as we browse on the computer an image is reflected and stored in the memory. It also stores when we create any new document and give the command save.
It is same with our mind and Baby's mind. So we have to train our mind to delete unwanted things ,to install an antivirus in the mind to keep away from incoming viruses and protect the mind from getting corrupted as so the baby's mind also. This needs a perfect training which is given during the Garbhasanskar Workshops and regular classes.

 Lifestyle is a set of attitudes, habits, or possessions associated with a particular person. Lifestyle is related with the things, what a person dose in his daily routine. Lifestyle is related to what a person eats? How a person thinks? What a person dose for his wellbeing? And what is a person’s daily routine? Lifestyle has a very large effect on every once physical and mental health. We will se how lifestyle effects out body.
    Our body is a complicated machine. It is completely dependent on the nature for its nourishment. As we work daily and do our daily routine, our body elements have to face ware and tear. This ware and tear is to be replaced by good quality and quantity of the body elements. If these body elements are replaced by good quality and quantity then our body elements become healthy and no week loops are left in our body. But if these body elements are not replaced by good quality and quantity week loops are left in our body and that part starts creating stress in our body. This is the start of stress.
Our body consists of following basic body elements:-
1. Lymph
2. Blood
3. Muscle
4. Fat
5. Bone
6. Bone marrow
Further they are classified in Proteins, carbohydrates, Fats and etc.
We have different factories in our body to create these elements. Each factory has to be provided with good raw material to produce the good product. All the process in the factory should run in proper manner. Proper energy should be provided to each part of the factory to run the mechanism in proper way and all the waste products should be thrown out after the formation of the good product. If this process of formation of all elements is in proper way then only the healthy product is formed and when it is supplied to the proper place by proper way then only the body gets nourished in proper manner. If there is any problem in the process coordination between these elements is disturbed and our body starts generating stress in the body. As body and mind are related to each other stress effects on both mind and body. It is also seen that if mind is disturbed then it affects the body.
Due to our existing eating pattern, working pattern which we say is our existing lifestyle our mechanism of digestion is disturbed. Due to this disturbed mechanism of digestion, forming of our body elements is also disturbed. Due to this nourishment of our body is not done and it creates week elements our body due to which our immunity system gets disturbed and person gets infection very easily. Due to decreased immunity, our body is not able to fight against the infection ,so we have to rush for a course of antibiotics. Further it also creates deficiency in our body and we have to take support various iron, vitamins, proteins, calcium & food supplements. Due to decreased immunity various systems of our body gets affected. Where there is more deficiency of the elements in the body, the particular system gets affected and different types of diseases are caused.
By finding a correct cause and a place where the mechanism is disturbed, stress on the body and mind can be controlled. A person can regain the immunity by correction of lifestyle and there will be no necessity of supplements to be consumed. This will help a person to live a healthy and diseases free life for many long years.