Dt. Lavleen Kaur

Dt. Lavleen Kaur
Dietitian, Chandigarh


  • Diet Insight – Weight loss and Nutrition clinic
  • September 2013 – Present, Chandigarh Area, India
  • Dietitian PGI Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Hospital & Health Care industry
  • July 2011 – December 2011 Chandigarh Area, India
  • INSCOL Healthcare Inc.
  • Educational Institution; 51-200 employees; Education Management industry
  • June 2009 – August 2009 Chandigarh Area, India(Internship)


  • Dietetics

  • Obesity


  • One of the best dietician/nutritionist in Chandigarh. Treat obesity, diabetes, stress, lose weight, BP, thyroid with healthy diet and nutrition.


  • M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition - PGFN
  • PGHFW - Post graduate diploma in Health and Family Welfare
  • M.Ed. (Home Science)

Practice Information

Dietinsight Weight loss & nutrition Clinic, Chandigarh

Dietinsight Weight loss & nutrition Clinic, Chandigarh

# 3278 / Sector 21-D, Chandigarh, Chandigarh - 160022


11:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Patient Experience

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Achievements & Contributions

  • CME on ‘Nutritional trend in gastrointestinal disorder’ at Fortis hospital Mohali on 31st july, 2009
  • CME on ‘Obesity-A growing challenge’ at Government medical college and hospital sector 32 Chandigarh 29th January, 2010
  • Symposium on ‘Eating disorder’ at Government medical college and hospital sector 32 Chandigarh on 25th April, 2009
  • Symposium on ‘Probiotics in health and disease’ at PGIMER, Chandigarh on 31st January, 2009
  • Attended seminar on ‘Human rights’ organized by Govt. college of education in FEB 2012
  • A Bacteriological study on ‘cold served foods’ served in various food shops and restaurants of ChandigarhThe Indian journal of nutrition and dietetics, May 2012Authors: Dietitian Lavleen Kaur, Dr Madhu Kaul
  • Social Networking Sites friend or foe for the pupil teacherNCERT Journal of Indian education, May 2012Authors: Dietitian Lavleen Kaur, Dr Meena Chaudhary
  • IDA - Indian Dietetic Association


So it’s been 4 weeks you are following a healthy weight loss diet plan and exercising regularly but not happy because the number on the scale just won’t go down? Hang on. The game does not just ends here.

Guess what? You are probably getting the best benefits. Yes, you are losing that ugly fat that you have ever wanted and gaining muscle which is why the weight is not changing. Lets talk about this in a bit more detail.

So what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

Weight loss: The loss of weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat,…
Fat loss: The loss body fat – amount of fat your body carries

If you want to lose weight, it probably means you carry too much fat.

One can start eating less and lose weight, fall ill and lose weight, get depressed and lose weight BUT cannot lose fat. So focus on fat loss rather than weight loss.

So how do I know if am making good progress?

Do not just depend on the weight scale! If you are losing inches on your waist, your clothes fit more loosely and you are feeling lighter, energetic and fresh than ever, you are on the right track even if your weight stays the same. Your body is getting into the shape you have ever desired.

However, if you feel like starving, energy less and drowsy and losing weight on the scale, you are probably losing more than just fat.

Tips from Dietitian Lavleen:

  1. Do not just do Cardio, add strength training. Or you will end up losing your muscle mass.
  2. Don’t get demotivated if the numbers on weight scale are not decreasing. Your body weight fluctuates all day long. It depends on what is in your stomach/bowel/bladder, body water level and time you weigh.

But how do I track my progress efficiently then?

  1.  Stop weighing yourself daily – Daily fluctuations will mess with your motivation
  2.  Take body measurements – neck, chest, waist, hips. Waist should go down.
  3.  See if your clothes fitting change. If they are lose, you are doing it right.
  4.  Check body fat measurements every 2 weeks and compare.
  5.  Shoot full body pictures and compare them with the past pictures.


Focus on fat loss, not weight loss. When the body fat decreases, you automatically lose some weight. And you will feel confident by knowing that not only you have come down on numbers on the scale but have lost the bad fat.

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“The best doctor gives the least medicine.”
Best advice ever – “AVOID HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY”

Patient: Doctor, I am not well, stomach remains upset and I suffer from constipation frequently. Flatulence, gas formation and acidity have become my permanent friends. Am I having a serious disease?

Doctor(smiled): No my dear friend, you are alright, you don’t have a disease. You are suffering from a lifestyle hazard, known as Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Just avoid HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY.

Unnecessary hurry and worry leads to stress,
which creates problems in the stomach,
plus the rich spicy curries, triggers the problem.
Although, it is difficult to avoid worries,
they just come along, but yes must be ignored.
A little bit of early morning rise, can manage the hurry part,
Occasional home made curries are good for you.

Tips from Dietitian Lavleen

Interesting conversation, wasn’t it? But you probably have never met a doctor like that? :) Well, yes, trust me, this is going to be what the doctors of future will prescribe. Drugs/medicines are killing our body and the side effects are making life more stressful. There needs to an urge in every individual to start living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Life is about quality, not quantity, so everything in moderation is perfect in life.
  • Don’t forget for daily morning walk. It works better than medicine.
  • To enjoy a healthy lifestyle – Along with healthy and balanced diet, you need more maturity and patience, plus peace of mind, which can be achieved only if you include firm determination, discipline and of course meditation in you, and yes every thing in moderation.

Patient: Hurry, Worry and Curry…which I will try to avoid.
What about you?

If this is your father’s routine then he is stuck in the vicious circle of an unhealthy lifestyle.

vicious circle1

- Wake up late and bloated
- Start day with tea/coffee
- Little or no breakfast
- Quick lunch or junk food
- Evening snack/coffee/tea
- Snacks/fried stuff at home
- Late and heavy dinner followed by desserts, etc
- Sleep late

Oh yes, this sounds so true. In fact its not only your father, you, your friends and family may be under the same boat. So how do you get out of this cycle in today’s busy and stressful life.

Its not hard. And its not easy too. Try to embed these basic guidelines in your daily routine:

vicious circle2
- Sleep early/ 2 hours after dinner
- Wake up feeling light
- Start your day with fruit
- Have healthy breakfast/tea/coffee
- Have a mid morning meal 2 hours after breakfast
- Have home made lunch
- Protein rich evening snacks
- Salad before dinner
- Light dinner

What do you think now? Its hard? No. Follow this for a month and see the changes yourself.

Get out of the vicious circle of caffeine and nicotine kicks in the morning, skipping lunch, not feeling hungry till evening, overeating in the night, getting disturbed sleep and waking up dull and tired in the morning.
The day you wake up feeling hungry and with an urge to clear the stomach, know that you have started on the path of permanent results. Early morning hunger is a sign of youth, health, happiness and peace.

Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.”

chronic diseases

Yes, sounds awful but true. Most of us (or I should say most of us who are health conscious) try to eat good and healthy food for a healthy body and lifestyle. We know that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are a good choice but if they a grown in depleted or contaminated soils, are we really eating healthy?

You may already have heard about soil depletion but what does it mean to us?Chemicals and pesticides used nowadays to produce crops are not only hazardous for human body who consume them, but also bad for animals and our environment. Depleted soils produce crops that have very less amount of nutrient value and more toxic.

Plants get their food from soil, so if the soil is contaminated, plants are going to get contaminated. In turn, the crops and vegetables grown on these plants, if consumed by human body, we are consuming same chemical which are going to cause health problems.

One of my relatives in Moga, Punjab, they are seeds distributors and know a lot about farming, etc. I was once shocked by their saying “we don’t eat fruits because we have seen how they are grown”. I am not going to explain what all they said here but ultimately they referred to it as “zehar” – poisonous food. One of their neighbors grow their own vegetables in a backyard park and they usually take from them.

What can we do? Until we make a change, the cycle is going to continue. How do we make a change? Break the cycle of economic-based industrialized farming practices and go organic. Organic fertilizers put the good minerals back into the soil and avoid harmful chemicals. No doubt organic costs more but remember your health and well being is priceless.

Good health habits

  • Avoid medicines as much as you can. Don’t just go over the counter and buy antibiotics, etc.
  • No steroids,  or other questionable bodybuilding supplements
  • No diet pills, stimulants or fat burning pills
  • No fad dieting (no starving, quick weight loss diets)
  • Walk daily
  • Eat organic where possible
  • Take less stress, be happy
  • Enjoy the life

Avoid list

  • Hydrogenated oils (causes heart disease)
  • High-fructose corn syrup / sugar / sucrose (causes diabetes and obesity)
  • Homogenized milk fats (cause heart disease and cardiovascular disorders)
  • Soft drinks, junk foods, snack foods or fast foods
  • Processed foods such as cookies, crackers, frozen dinners, etc.
  • Fried foods
  • White flour and any foods containing white flour
  • Brand-name laundry detergents (loaded with toxic fragrance chemicals)
  • Popular deodorants (contain aluminum)
  • Fluoride toothpaste (Yes, fluoride is a dangerous ingredient)
  • Popular shampoos / soaps / conditioners (all contain harmful fragrance chemicals)

Achieving good health is not complicated. A human body already knows how to be healthy. Just give your body good nutrition so it has the building materials it needs to heal the disease and rebuild itself. Avoid foods and food ingredients that cause disease.