How Black Seed Oil Can Help Weight Loss

How Black Seed Oil Can Help Weight Loss

Benefits Of Black Seed Oil For Weight Loss

Are you seeking a quick and easy solution to weight loss?

How about you try black seed oil for weight loss? It is a popular way to burn body fats naturally with minimal to zero side effects. You are also guaranteed to enjoy other health benefits in the process.

Black seed oil is extracted from the Nigella sativa plant fruit seeds. After extraction from the seeds, the oil is filled with volatile acids and compounds such as myristicin acids, palmitic among other potent antioxidants. For many years, individuals have used black seed oil as a natural solution for numerous health benefits.

Black Seed Oil For Weight Loss

The black seed oil has become popular in the weight loss market since it is not only natural but also efficient. Traditionally, it was used to treat respiratory, circulatory, inflammation, and digestive problems and to boost metabolism. In addition, black seed oil contains antioxidants that are very vital to overall body health. So, how can black seed oil help you in your weight loss journey? Read along;

1. Burns Fats And Boosts Digestion

The black seed oil contains fatty acids like linoleic, oleic acid, and palmitic that improve the flow of fats out of your system. Linoleic fatty acid speeds up the fat burning process and, in turn, fastens the overall weight loss process. Also, black seed oil improves digestion by ensuring that your body absorbs all the nutrients consumed while stimulating the right bowel movement.

2. Reduces Appetite

It is claimed that black seed oil features incredible appetite curbing effects and helps to lower your blood sugar levels. A healthy diet plus this oil will result in an overall improvement in your health and excess body fat loss. Besides the two major benefits, black seed oil can lower your cravings for sugary and carb-loaded foods since it contains high levels of phytosterols.

3. Increases Your Body’s Sensitivity To Glucose And Insulin

Black seed oil improves your cells' sensitivity to glucose and insulin and regulates their absorption in the body. This, in turn, boosts metabolisms and speeds up the fat-burning process. However, you must practice proper dieting and regular exercise alongside the intake of black seed oil. This oil also balances your blood sugar levels while enabling your body to respond well to insulin and glucose.

How To Use Black Seed Oil For Weight Loss

Like most supplements, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t control black seed oil production. The quality of the supplement highly depends on the manufacturer. For this reason, ensure that you carry out background checks before buying from any brand. If possible, consider third party testing to confirm its potency.

Black seed oil features peppery taste, therefore, you can add it to your food since it combines well with different tastes. If you wish, you can mix the oil and honey in water before adding it to your salad dressing.

Though FDA doesn’t approve daily dosage, research indicates that you can consume 500mg dose twice a day without experiencing any side effects. Two grams daily may also be a good dosage if your body is tolerant to the oil.

For the best results, it’s recommended that you start with a small dosage and increase the dosage gradually until your body adjusts.

However, it’s always advisable to consult your physician before you begin the black seed dosage as the components on this oil might interfere with certain drugs.


As much as research on black seed oil for weight loss is minimal, there is no harm in using it since it offers numerous health benefits. Change your diet and exercise regularly if you want to achieve the best results with black seed oil.