5 Things to Know About Red Moles on Body

Know About Red Moles on Body

Our body undergoes lot of changes during the lifetime and some of these changes are dangerous while some other are harmless but more visible. Few changes that may appear scary due to their appearance may actually not pose that much harm to your body as they are just superficial and not related to any internal problem. These moles appear as small bumps on various parts of the body like face, neck, back, and chest but are not very big in size. The color of the mole is bright red and would attract your attention when you will look at yourself in the mirror. The unsightly moles may trigger the concern amongst many as they are not normal but mostly they may not pose any major health problem. If you have suddenly found these bright red colored moles or bumps on your body then here are the 5 things you may be knowing about these moles before striking the panic button.

1. What Does the Term “Red Moles” Mean?

The “red moles” is not the technical term for the red bumps found on the body but they are called so because they look like moles and are red in color. Medically these moles are called Nevus Cherry or Nevus Rubi. These moles indicate some kind of blood vessel anomaly but may not pose major health concern unless they are very big in size and have grown bigger than normal.

2. Who are Commonly Affected?

Though these moles may appear suddenly on any person’s body, it is usually found in middle-aged segment. These moles are the sign of skin ageing and are very common to those having fair skin. They are common in women than men as they are related to certain hormonal imbalance too. If you have crossed your thirties and have undergone certain hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy or menstruation then you are at increased risk.

3. When to See Dermatologist?

These moles are harmless in nature if they are:

  • Less than 6mm in size, and generally from 1mm to 4mm.
  • Have symmetric shape and smooth borders.
  • Doesn’t increase in size.
  • No swelling or discharge observed from the mole.
  • Having even color tone.

If the moles on your body don’t adhere to above guidelines and have uneven borders, uneven color tone, asymmetric shape, and are very large sized then consult the dermatologist soon to get it diagnosed properly.

4. Probable Causes

Ageing of skin is considered to be main reason for these red spots but there are many other probable causes for this issue.

UV Rays:

Exposure to the UV rays of sun may damage your skin and may result into red patches. Sunbathing is good but those having sensitive skin may apply protective layer of sunscreen before being exposed to sun.

Poor Lever Function:

When your lever doesn’t function properly, the toxins are visible on your skin. The lever function may be affected due to improper diet habits and in some cases it could be the result of some underlying digestive disorder.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance is experienced by women once they cross their thirties. This imbalance may usually be witnessed post pregnancy or around the menstruation cycle. The moles can be the result of this imbalance too.


Stress of any kind would affect your physical and psychological well-being. Many digestive disorders are also resulted out of stress and depression. It would have direct impact on your skin.


If you have crossed the middle age then the skin may have started ageing. The ageing may reflect in various ways like pigmentation, marks, and moles.


You may inherit the problem because of your genetic structure. If you have developed this out of heredity then chances of prevention and treatment are very low.

5. What are the means of prevention?

Prevention is better than cure and hence start following the below tips to keep your skin healthy for the lifetime.

  • Keep yourself hydrated to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • Eat fresh and healthy as this will keep the lever function in place. More of fruits and vegetables may be instrumental in cleansing the body due to rich fiber content.
  • Apply proper sun protection cream or lotion and cover yourself well when in sun.
  • Use lemon and other anti-oxidant rich foods in your diet to detoxify your body on regular basis.
  • Detoxification diet plan can also be followed from time to time for toxin free skin and body.

Red moles are quite alarming due to their looks and appearance but you can stay calm and prevent them by working towards overall health and fitness of your body. If the irregularity increases then don’t wait for further anomalies and visit the dermatologist right away for proper diagnosis.

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