List Of Vitamins That Cause Weight Gain

List Of Vitamins That Cause Weight Gain

List Of Vitamins That Causes Weight Gain

Over a few decades formula supplementation, food fortification, and excessive artificial and natural vitamin intake have seen a sharp increase. Besides leading to many positive turnarounds many negative turnarounds such as obesity and weight gain have also evolved with this tendency. The one major factor that is leading to weight gain is too much vitamin intake without a purposeful need. Let us see the list of vitamins that causes weight gain and forego this situation by sticking to the proper intake of vitamins.

Can Vitamins Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, vitamins can easily lead to weight gain and this is very much true when the vitamin intake is not backed by medical supervision and lacks a scientific approach. Though there are only a few researches that are supporting this case, the truth is unchanged. These studies have found that vitamin fortification, intake of synthetic vitamins, and lessened vitamin elimination lead to quick weight gain. This chance is very high in fortified nations, women (in comparison to men), and people with less Socio-Economic Status (SES). However, one should understand that the mere taking of vitamins does not lead to weight gain. There may be many other factors such as improper food, lack of physical activity, and health issues such as less metabolism which may trigger more weight gain with the intake of vitamins.

List Of Vitamins That Cause Weight Gain

Here you can know what vitamins can cause weight gain and the reasons behind the weight gain;

Vitamin A

Studies have found that women who tried to gain weight easily have found their trust and solution in the usage of vitamin A. Vitamin A protects and aids in cell growth of organs of the body. The vitamin is available in 2 human dietary types: provitamin and preformed. Typically, preformed vitamin A comes in animal edibles such as meat, fish, and liver. Provitamin comes in beta-carotene usually found in plants and this is the most vital range of vitamin A. When vitamin A is not converted into energy it turns into fat leading to obesity.

Vitamin B

In a few cases, people suffer from weight gain and eating disorders due to the shortage of vitamin B and iron. Due to this, it becomes a must to have vitamin types such as Vitamin B to enhance appetite and food consumption thus leading to increased weight. Folate in this vitamin causes increased weight and muscle tone. Besides this, folate can also lead to lesser weight when it is deficient in the body. As such increased vitamin B in the body when not put into proper use leads to additional weight.

Vitamin C

The other major type of vitamin that leads to weight increase is vitamin C. Studies have found that using unnatural vitamin C can easily pave way for increased weight. Research has shown that the use of vitamin C in artificial form can allow for weight increases. Vitamin C influences metabolism and denies access to fat molecules thereby leading to increased weight.

Vitamin D

Same as the above vitamin type, even vitamin D also leads to weight enhancement. However, this effect is drastic in a few people, more than this, this vitamin first balances weight before leading to weight increase. So, be watchful while taking this vitamin.

Also, the absorption of vitamin D increases bone structure. Different studies have shown the vital role of vitamin D regarding weight management and enhanced health status. This vitamin increases the body's capacity to absorb calcium which in turn increases bone's weight leading to increased weight.

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What Are The Reasons For Weight Gain Because Of The Intake Of Vitamins?

The major reason for weight gain due to vitamin intake is an increased rate of metabolism. Due to increased metabolism appetite also increases which in turn leads to increased food intake leading to weight gain.

Tips To Manage Weight Gain

  • Drink more water
  • Depend on foods that lower the accumulated fats such as fiber foods
  • Eat foods that increase muscle and not fat
  • Drink moderately and stop smoking
  • Be physically active
  • Sleep well and decrease stress

If you feel your body weight is being increased due to vitamin intake, decrease those vitamins. Keep an eye on the vitamins in the list of vitamins that cause weight gain to shed off additional weight. You must consult the doctor before you start using any vitamin supplements.


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