Be a friend

Good parenting starts only when you turn to be a good friend to your kids. Ensure that they share everything with you like a friend. Don’t give suggestions or corrections until the matter turns murkier.

Respect your child

Though kids are far much younger to you, they too need to be respected. Never insult your child or make him feel inferior. Even though he makes a mistake, correct him in a gentle manner without hurting his ego. Shouting is a strict no no.

Don’t influence your kid too much

It is a common tendency that children learn from their parents. But the latter sometimes, rubs too much influence on the child and it might not be all that good. Let your kid grow into an independent individual without wanting him to become a replica of you.

Extracurricular activities

Let your child play, watch movies, go out with friends and indulge in nature exploration activities. Don’t make him a home bird. Physical exercise is very important for the mind and the body. Only study too is no good at all.

Make rules

Remember, they aren’t Hitler’s rules! If you don’t manage your kid when she is 4years old, you become helpless when she turns 10. Setting for rules for your kids isn’t a bad idea. Just ensure that they are not harsh. Stick to your own set of rules no matter what the situation is. Breaking and framing them again doesn’t serve the purpose.

Communication is the key

Verbal communication is the key to many problems you face in parenting. You cannot correct anything without opening your mouth. Communicate with your kid regularly and speak what’s in your heart. At the same time, listen to what he says and then act upon it.

Take a family holiday

Holidays and picnics are great times for the family to bond. Keep planning holidays whenever it is possible for you and let the fun be boundless. Allow your kids to shed their fears and open up with you. If your family budget or time doesn’t permit, family breakfasts and dinners are an alternative to this.

Cultivate reading habits

Book reading must be a part of your child’s routine. Reading throws light on many aspects of life and helps your child develop his creativity. Be it bedtime or on holidays, make sure you read a book with your child. Let him pick up what he likes.

Don’t shower too much love

The most important essence of parenting is love. It takes a great amount of practice to let your love channelize in the right direction. If you have to teach a strict lesson, tell him how much you love and why you want him to learn the lesson.

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