Tips For Child Development (Food Consumption)

Tips For Child Development (Food Consumption)

Food Consumption

Children Between 1 and 2 Years Of Age

Though the developmental milestones and the various stages involved in child development are the same and also fall in the same order, the pace of growth varies from one child to another. While children learn a few skills very quick, there might be instances when they take a long time in learning few skills and it might even look like they may never master that particular skill. Recent research indicates that the early years are of vital importance in every child’s life in laying the proper foundation for a sound health and over all development for their life. This article is akin to a fact sheet which serves as a general guide for child development. However, advice regarding any concerns about the development of the child might be sought from a pediatrician.

Food Consumption Practices

Getting Children Used To Family Mealtime

After completing one year of age, all children normally are developed to a stage where they can consume healthy food and enjoy meal time with other family members. Getting children used to family mealtime is extremely important and hence this should be offered to kids frequently. A majority of children get used to eating normal food while there may be few cases that might necessitate special food. In such cases, modifying the texture of the food item is a good idea. For instance, offering individual pasta pieces, cutting up meal into smaller pieces and offering to the child etc.

It is a common frustration among many parents that their children are not eating adequately and eventually the food prepared is getting wasted. It is important to note that development in the second year of growth is a little slower in pace when compared to the pace of development during the first year of child growth. This translates to the fact that the appetite in the second year of a child might not be big as in the first year.

Meal Planning From The 12th Month Of The Child

The quantity of food that is consumed varies from one child to another and also it varies on a daily basis. This variation is influenced by predominantly two factors namely:

  • The levels of growth
  • And Activity

A few best food ideas for kids between the age range of 1 and 2 might include a couple of servings of milk, yoghurt, and cheese; or a few servings of legumes and veggies; or 3 to 5 servings of rice, pasta, bread, noodles, and cereals among others.

However, it is to be noted that these servings sizes and quantities might be varied from one child to another and also when compared to that of adults.

A Few Important Points That Are To Be Noted Are:

  • Always select foods with low amounts of salt.
  • Get the child used to consuming nominal amounts of sugar and foods that contain added sugar in them
  • Extreme care is important while preparing food for your child, preparation and storage needs to be done properly

A Few Points To Remember With Respect To What Should Be Given To Drink:

  • Water is the best option that is to be given to a child for drinking.
  • DO NOT offer any sort of cordials, or fruit juices, or soft drinks as an alternative for them to drink
  • Breast milk is the best thing that could provide the child the maximum benefits.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad