10 Early Signs of Smart Phone Addiction - How To Prevent

10 Early Signs of Smart Phone Addiction - How To Prevent

When you look around nowadays, doesn’t it seem like smartphones are surgically attached to people’s hands? Texts, tweets, emails and calls seem to be the only things that people spend their time on. The boundaries of smartphone use are constantly becoming fewer. Reality TV, video games and fast food are no longer things that people are addicted to. Smartphone addiction is currently one of the worst plagues to take over the world. Are you one of these addicts?

10 Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Here are 10 signs that show that you are addicted to your smartphone:

1. Countless apps: If you have loads of apps installed on your phone, even useless ones, and cannot bring yourself to get rid of them, you are definitely a smartphone addict.

2. Alarms for everything: A sure sign of smartphone addiction is the use of alarms for almost everything in your life. Unnecessary reminders for when to do things that do not need reminding says “smartphone addict” loud and clear.

3. Info about your phone: If you constantly search for information about your phone on your phone, you are more than a little obsessed about your smartphone.

4. Cut costs for phone bill: When you cut back on everyday necessities, say lunch, just to be able to afford your cell phone bills, it is a sign that you are a smartphone addict.

5. Phone over sleep: If you are addicted to their phone, you would rather spend bedtime browsing, texting, tweeting, etc. rather than get some much-needed sleep. You also cannot sleep unless it is in your hand!

6. Phone at meal times: Another sign of phone addiction is when you cannot put down your phone during meals. You cannot relax and enjoy your meal without your phone.

7. Texting or calling unnecessarily: Do you text or call people even when you can just walk over to them? If yes, you are most certainly a smartphone addict.

8. Selfie addiction: Smartphone addicts take selfies everywhere they go. Your addiction will make you want to take pictures even when there is no need to.

9. Social networking sites always open: A cause of smartphone addiction is social networking. If you are an addict, it is highly likely that you are afraid to log out of different sites that you are a member of in case you miss out on any updates.

10. Bumping into things: If you constantly walk into poles, manholes, etc. you are a smartphone addict. Smartphone addiction also comes with bruises caused by bumping into furniture and other obstacles and falling down because you do not watch where you are walking.

How to Prevent Smartphone Addiction

Here are a few tips to help you prevent becoming addicted to your phone:

  • Remove apps that you do not need or do not serve an important purpose.
  • Disable notifications so that you are not constantly bombarded with tweets, updates, etc.
  • Use the ‘Airplane Mode’ on your phone more often so that all notifications are shut off.
  • Keep your phone out of sight, particularly during office hours, meal times, etc.
  • Find a new hobby that has nothing to do with a phone.

Smartphone addiction can take over your entire life. It is best to prevent it before it does so that you can have a normal life that is not run by technology in your hands.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad