4 Most Essential Food Substances

4 Most Essential Food Substances

Healthy Food Essentials

While it is true that life is unpredictable something that is equally true is the fact that being prepared for its inherent fickleness goes a long way in tackling many problems on a daily basis. Common cold, injuries, internal immunity, gastric and heart issues are problems that usually surface unannounced but did you know that there is simpler way of dealing with them instead of running to the doctor and returning with a lapful of medicines?

All that this method entails is ensuring that a few substances that nature has blessed our planet with must be present at home at all times so that they can either be incorporated in your daily diet or are close at hand as and when the need arises. Some of the must-haves that every home should stock up are –


That it is one of the richest sources of vitamin C is a well known fact but did you know that this little yellowish green sphere has the power to boost your immune system to the extent of combating different types of carcinogens? Liver, throat, stomach and skin are some of the organs that are directly impacted by lemon consumption and if this is not enough the fact that it regulates pressure and cholesterol level of blood should finally win your faith.


It is actually a rhizome of the plant and grows under the ground, meaning it is a root. The goodness of ginger was revealed to mankind centuries ago which explains its popularity as a home remedy in ancient civilizations like India and China. From motion sickness to digestion and pain reliever, ginger is an all-in-one cure for ailments and since you have it at home why not add some to your tea or syrup and enjoy its stimulating benefits too?


Much of the goodness of garlic as a medicinal clove is attributed to the presence of allicin, an ingredient which is a natural antiseptic as also an antibiotic. Ideally, a clove of garlic should be had raw first thing in the morning so as to enable purification of blood and flushing of toxins in the process but if you find it difficult then incorporate it in a chopped salad. Cooking is believed to deteriorate this chemical but a bit of sautéing is permitted since it still does not interfere with healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Rich, luscious and sweet, this reddish brown viscous liquid is famous the world over for its ability to counter obesity, fatigue and various internal and external ailments. As long as its bacterial components remain dormant, honey can be included in your daily culinary ventures in numerous creative ways so that you can rest assured of the good health of your family.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad