5 Benefits of Pranayama

5 Benefits of Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama

Have you ever felt ‘struck all of a heap’ or kind of incognizant of your breathing wonders? Well although a large chunk of people does not really pay attention, but (pretty interestingly) your breathing pattern can actually play a great role in helping you stay rosy-cheeked and bushy-tailed. Thrown off balance as how?

Just read through the benefits of pranayama mentioned below – which not merely reflect upon the significance of including Pranayama into our everyday life, but also help us gain an insight of its numerous health and mental benefits. Take a look!

Relaxed Mind:

Whether you believe it or not, pranayama is indeed the most effective and healthy way to tranquilize and rejuvenate. The breathing exercise, in fact, not only unwinds your stirred up mind, but also helps relax your body. Thus, try and practice pranayama on a regular basis for experiencing a blissful mind state.

Renewed Energy:

Although a lot of people wear an ‘out to lunch’ mind cap, but practicing pranayama regularly can help you boost the overall strength and capacity of your lungs. Since pranayama includes a lot of rhythmic breathing, it may add to your stamina and vital energy.

Detox Benefits:

At the same time, pranayama may help you detox your body in a natural manner. For those so not aware of, certain breathing exercises help pump more oxygen into your system – which eventually enables the internal body to eliminate all the detrimental toxins. In fact, pranayama contributes a great deal to having shiny hair and healthy, radiant skin. So, if hale and hearty skin and beautiful hair are something that your senses zero in on, then you should unremittingly incorporate pranayama into your lifestyle. Apart from improving the blood and oxygen circulation in your body, pranayama ascertains proper functioning of all your body organs.

Toned Muscles:

Another significant benefit that people could latch onto from practicing regular pranayama is – toned muscles. Yes, you read that right. Indulging into everyday breathing exercises can actually help you get toned muscles and a toned tummy (pretty interestingly). How? Well, there are several pranayama exercises in breathing that solely concentrate on the stomach and diaphragm muscles. As a result, doers experience toned muscles and a really toned waist line.

Better Concentration:

Last but definitely not the least; pranayama may induce sharper and better mind concentration for you. Since breathing exercises feature a tremendous influence over an individual’s mind, pranayama can assist magnificently in training your brain to concentrate better and faster. While you should always ensure proper techniques, the practice however can help you sharpen your brain’s ability to focus and respond faster.

Well, that brings us to a standstill for the top-most benefits of pranayama. However, the list keeps on trucking. But don’t you forget – no matter what your goal is, a piece of advice from a trained yoga instructor or your personal doctor is always recommended before you get started with practicing pranayama breathing exercises. At the same time, do not forget to share your health problems with your instructor or doctor (in case, you have any).

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad