7 Ideas to Detox Yourself Digitally

7 Ideas to Detox Yourself Digitally

The habits of our current generation are absolutely astonishing. It has become very hard to even converse with people nowadays, its all because of Smartphone addiction as they are always busy either on their phones, their tablets or other such gadgets that have become a major part of their life rather than something that was meant to merely facilitate one’s life.

Every hour of every day, we are connected – to people, to places, to various happenings over the globe, and sometimes it just becomes too much. We may complain about it, yet at every free moment we are either texting a friend, refreshing our inbox, accepting requests on Facebook and so on. Somehow, even the mere thought of disconnecting ourselves from this social frenzy seems next to impossible. But given the trend of people’s lives, detoxing yourself digitally is the need of the hour. We have some easy steps that you can employ which will prevent you from being a slave to digitalization

Simple Ways Of Detoxing Yourself Digitally

If you want to experience a sense of calm once again, all you need to do is follow this 7-point agenda and you will be on the way to improvement.

1. Turn off your push notifications - The constant beeping of your phone for every notification makes it very hard to even concentrate on anything else.

2. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails - A lot of the times, you get emails about items or products that you aren’t even interested in and these constant email updates can be quite an annoyance as you end up wasting precious time going through them.

3. Delete apps you never use - Sometimes you open these apps just because you have nothing better to do it, though in reality you are far from interested in it.

4. Leave your phone at home and enjoy an evening out with friends or dear ones - This, of course, is not possible at all times as phones have become an essential means of communicating. But set aside some personal time to just stay away from all these gadgets and indulge in other pleasures.

5. Avoid social media after 8 pm – Once you open some social site, chances are that you will remain there for awhile. You may even forego your sleep for this. So, steer clear of this temptation.

6. Enjoy the moment – Live in the moment and remember that not every moment needs to be shared on Instagram. Sometimes, a special day can be more meaningful when just kept sacred among those who were part of it.

7. Do something fun - At leisure times, do something you enjoy instead of being stuck to your computer or smartphone. Pick up a book instead of a screen. Or, go for a brisk walk with your pooch; do some gardening or take up a DIY project around the house.

These are some ways in which you can detox yourself digitally. People’s addiction and obsession with their phones is truly a sad state of affairs and needs to be changed. It also leads to negative psychological effects on people due to over addiction of social sites.

Let us not let our phones and tablets rule our lives. It’s time we took our lives back into our hands. Disconnecting yourself will help enhance creativity, improve interpersonal relations and also reduce stress and this will aid you immensely in leading a more peaceful life.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad