Baby Bathing Tips You Will Find Beneficial

Baby Bathing Tips You Will Find Beneficial

Baby bathing tips

Bathing a newborn child requires a perfect mix of affection and care. A number of precautions need to be followed to ensure sound health conditions of the child. New mothers need some guidelines to bath the kids in the right way. A mother should use the right quantity of water in the tub, the right materials to clean the child and dry the child with care, wrapped in a towel. A maximum of three baths a week is enough for a child. Hence, being a mother, a person should have the right knowledge about the entire bathing process of a kid.

If you are a new parent, you may be in a state of dilemma about how to bathe your child. The tender, little body looks beautiful indeed, but you need to follow certain baby bathing tips when you take care of your newborn child. It often happens that the lack of knowledge on the part of the mother results in choking. You need to place the kid in the right position and be cautious when you apply the water. Here are certain guidelines that you will find useful when it comes to bathing your baby.

Bathing a Newborn

  • When you start bathing a newborn, you should be cautious and never leave the baby alone in the bathtub. Keeps the baby bathing tips in mind when you take the child for a bath. The bones are not fully developed at this stage, and the child is not able to sit straight. Your kid may slide down the edges of the tub into the water and get choked. You can support him with your hand while he/she sits in the tub.

  • You should not fill up the tub up to the brim. The ideal water level for the kid is two to four inches of water. It will rise up to the belly of the kid when he sits in the bathtub.

  • Take care of the temperature of the water. Babies have sensitive skin and bathing him in too hot or too cold water can have adverse health effects. Follow the baby bathing tips carefully, and make sure that you bathe the child in lukewarm water. This is ideal for the skin of the child.

  • When you bathe your child, take care so that the tap is not turned on. This will result in the tub being filled up. As the water level rises, the lower parts of the baby will be submerged deeper into the water. The temperature of the water will also drop rapidly, which may cause the child to catch a cold.

  • When you take your kid for a bath, immerse the feet into the water at the outset. Support the head and neck of the child with one hand and gradually dip him into the tub.

  • One of the most important baby bathing tips is that you should get a head support for the kid. Place this under the head of the child while he lies in the bathtub. It will prevent water splashing into his face and nose. The head of the baby should be placed in a straight posture when you place him in the tub.

  • It is not necessary to apply the soap directly to the skin. The best thing you can do is to make a solution with soap and water. Now, dip a towel in it, rinse it and rub the limbs and body of your baby with the towel. Keep the baby bathing tips in mind and be gentle when you rub the baby.

  • Take care of the delicate parts of the body like the nails, nostrils, genitals and eyes. Rinse them gently and then pour lukewarm water in a cup. Do not expose the baby in water for long, as the tendency of catching a cold is quite high.

  • In case you want to clean the head, use a baby shampoo for the purpose. Rest the head of the baby on the roof of one of your arms. You can use a sponge to clean the head.

  • You will find the baby bathing tips useful even when your kid is out of water. After the bath is over, be careful when you dry up your baby. Use a clean towel to wrap him up. Now, gently pat-dry his body and place him in a dry area.

Some Additional Tips for Baby Bath Care

The process presented above is the general methodology of bathing a newborn child. Now, read on for some additional baby bathing tips that will make the bath a nice experience for the child.

Frequency of Bathing the Baby

It is not required to bathe the kid every day. You can give him a bath on alternate days, or at an interval of two days. Three baths a week is enough for the child. Too much exposure to water can cause dryness in the skin. Pay additional attention to the neck, diaper area and head. These areas need to be cleansed regularly.

Accessories Required Bathing a Baby

Apart from the baby bathing tips mentioned above, you need to get some useful accessories at your hand when you bathe your baby. A mild moisturizing soap, a baby shampoo, a clean diaper, baby wipes, change clothes and a wash cloth are some of the essential goods you need to keep within your reach. If you are willing to give a head-bath for the child, use a sanitized pad of sponge for the purpose.

Is it Necessary for You to Take the Child to the Bathroom?

Well, since the bathtub for babies are small in size, you can choose a warm corner anywhere in your home. The bed-top is the ideal place to bathe the child. You can choose the changing table or even the kitchen counter when you bathe your kid. These baby bathing tips will prove to be beneficial, especially if you are a first-time mother.

How to Prepare the Tub?

As your child grows old enough for a bath, buy a plastic sink or a tub for him. Use a clean towel to line it up. Place the tub in such a position that all the accessories are within an arm’s reach. The reason is that, you will always have a single hand free to support the baby. Remember, one of the key baby bathing tips is that you should never loosen the grip on your child when he is in the water.

Hopefully, you will find these guidelines extremely useful when you bathe your kid. Get more bathing tips/precautions from Best Pediatricians in Hyderabad. Being a mother is a wonderful experience, and when you nurture your little one from the tender ages, you need to have the basic knowledge.

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