Bed Wetting Problem in Children: Causes and Treatment

Bed Wetting Problem in Children: Causes and Treatment

Bed Wetting Problem in Children

Bed wetting is generally termed as a ‘hidden problem’ by many pediatricians as it is a problem that is not discussed publicly like fever, cold, allergies and flu. But still it is a serious issue with children and parents. Bedwetting does not leave a pleasant picture in the morning for the child and for the parents. It is nothing but a conclusion that the child is wetting the bed only because of laziness. Every parent must understand that bedwetting is inevitable but it may not be traumatic, once they know the causes and solutions for this.

Genetic Cause:

It is less known fact that most of the bed wetting problem is hereditary. Most of the children draw their bedwetting problem from either of the parents or any of the close relative. Some chromosomal issues in kids have also proven to be responsible for this kind of problem.

Bladder Maturation:

For some kids there tends to be a problem called delayed bladder maturation. This problem delays the communication of bladder to the brain at nights during sleep. It gets treated naturally with growing age but is slow in some kids.

Deep Sleepers:

This problem is more common in kids who have the habit of deep sleeping. In this condition brain does not get a signal that the bladder is full. Hence it results in bedwetting.

There are certain other big and small causes and can be dealt as the case may be. Some of the treatments are here under

  • Regular routine: Establishing a regular bedtime routine including going to the bathroom will definitely help in treating this problem.

  • Counseling: Talking to your kid as to the benefits of not wetting the bed and rewarding the kid for not doing so will help the child come out of the habit.

  • Avoiding fluids: Avoiding fluids just before bed will surely decrease the incidents of bed wetting in children. This helps the bladder to relax thus helping this habit to slowly go away.

As a final resort if the problem persists then parents may seek doctor’s help. Doctors may prescribe medicines for kids, but like any other drugs the kids should be monitored. Even though medication helps in treating the problem of bedwetting it may eventually come back after the medications are stopped. Hence a habitual change in necessary.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad