Benefits And Peculiarities Of Medical Treatment In Germany

Benefits And Peculiarities Of Medical Treatment In Germany

Benefits and peculiarities of medical treatment in Germany

Prototype of the German healthcare system was implemented into the clinical practice as early as the 1880s. Nowadays it is the oldest in Europe and the most efficient system for medical services providing. It operates under both public and private principles, making possible admitting patients regardless of their citizenship.

Most often patients choose traveling abroad in search of less costly treatment, unavailable in their native country techniques and drugs, urgent specialized medical help. Germany is a sought-after destination among medical tourists, as the country offers good cost-to-quality ratio and integrative treatment schemes.

Structure Of The German Healthcare System

The total number of healthcare institutions in Germany reaches 2100. These are large university hospitals, academic or municipal clinics, and private praxes. Such structure allows providing cost-effective, well-timed and highly specialized care. In addition, the German Red Cross and churches run a number of non-profit hospitals.

Hospitals of all levels have transparent individual statistics that reflect the number of diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures, number of correct diagnoses and beneficial treatment outcomes, risks of complications, etc. Patients choose where to receive medical treatment in accordance with this data.

Independent ratings compare joint professional results of different healthcare facilities. For instance, the magazine FOCUS publishes its trustworthy rating annually. The following hospitals are regularly present on the leading lines:

  1. The Charite University Hospital.
  2. The University Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
  3. The University Hospital Frankfurt am Main.
  4. The Academic Hospital Neuperlach Munich.
  5. The University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

Quality Of The Healthcare Services In Germany

Germany takes third place in the world in terms of life expectancy, and qualitative healthcare services contribute to this essentially. According to the reliable data of the International medical travel journal, over 245,000 patients from 177 countries visited Germany for diagnosis making, surgery or drug treatment in 2017. This number is steadily growing due to the following reasons:

  • Sufficient financing and constant development of the healthcare sector. Up to 11% of the country’s GDP is invested in medicine.
  • Strict requirements for the quality of medical education. Practicing doctors continually upgrade their skills and keep up with the update of scientific knowledge.
  • Most hospitals have state-of-art equipment for minimally invasive interventions, robotic procedures, neuronavigation, radiosurgery, etc.
  • German pharmaceutical market offers innovative drugs immediately after their approval, without any delay or limitations.
  • Prices for the medical procedures are regulated at the state level, by the German Diagnosis Related Groups (G-DRG) tariffs.

Arrangement Of Treatment For The International Patients

Naturally, international patients do not have German state health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherun, GKV). That is why they need to go through a few additional stages while applying for medical help in leading German hospitals. These include receiving an invitation for treatment from the hospital administrative staff, translating medical reports, taking care of the expenses, finding an interpreter, arranging the journey, etc.

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