Impingement Syndrome And Neck Pain- Causes And Treatment

Impingement Syndrome And Neck Pain- Causes And Treatment

    Can impingement syndrome cause neck pain?

Impingement syndrome also called Swimmer's shoulder is the result of inflammation due to repetitive activities carried on by using the shoulder. It might as well be caused due to aging and injuries.

Pain could be consistent and can even heighten with reaching or lifting movements. Having known this let us now focus on can impingement syndrome cause neck pain and if so why?

What Is Impingement Syndrome?

Impingement syndrome is a common cause of body pain. It happens when there is bursa or tendons' impingement in the bones of the body. Especially repetitive activities are the major risk factor for impingement syndrome. The other risk factors consist of joint and bone irregularities. If a person has impingement syndrome, pain is consistent and affects day-to-day activities.

As time passes impingement syndrome can cause inflammation and difficulty in the movement of bones furthermore if left untreated bones and tendons can thin and tear.

Impingement Syndrome Shoulder

If the impingement syndrome is near the shoulder bones it is called shoulder impingement syndrome. This can lead to tendinitis and bursitis. Movements like reaching behind the back or reaching overhead can be painful and difficult with this type of impingement. Same as shoulder impingement syndrome, impingement syndrome hip & impingement syndrome ankle are also very common as hip and ankle are the most used parts for repetitive activities.

Impingement Syndrome Symptoms

The one common symptom irrespective of the area of the body where impingement syndrome affects is inflammation and difficulty of movement. Below are the common symptoms of impingement syndrome.

  • The weakness of bones & muscles
  • Difficulty of motion
  • Inflammation
  • Thinning and tear
  • Other bone & muscle problems

What Causes Impingement Syndrome?

The majority of impingement syndrome cases are due to overuse and repeated activities. Due to overuse and repeated acts tendons and bones swell and become weakened.

People who are at risk include sportspersons and people such as construction workers, painters, and other professionals who use their bodies too much.

Besides these, old age and injuries can also cause this.

Can Impingement Syndrome Cause Neck Pain?

Of course, impingement syndrome causes neck pain, and especially if it is shoulder impingement syndrome. Typically few of the neck pains are due to shoulder impingement syndrome.

Treatment For Impingement Syndrome

Oral anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin are the most prescribed tablets. Usually, these are administered for 6-8 weeks and if the symptoms don't subdue an alternative treatment may be recommended by your doctor. Also, remember the effect of these anti-inflammatory medicines differs from person to person.

Besides sticking to medicines, having a warm shower, and exercising daily gives relief. Physical therapy may also be needed. Besides these, one should bear in mind to stop repetitive activities.

Despite following all these precautions if symptoms exist a cortisone-related injection may be administered to lower inflammation.

If all these fail then it is advised to consult the doctor and may recommend surgery based on the severity.

Can Impingement Syndrome Be Cured?

The greater part of people suffering from impingement syndrome are treated successfully with medicines, exercises, temporary evasion of repetitive activities, however, if these treatments don't cure then surgery is opted out which in the majority of the cases cures this syndrome.

Exercises For Impingement Syndrome

More than often exercising is the best way to treat impingement syndrome since it is a natural way and also aims at strengthening bones & muscles. Here are a few exercises for impingement syndrome and remember they work great especially if you have shoulder impingement syndrome.

  • Chest stretch
  • Supraspinatus Stretch
  • Anterior shoulder stretch
  • Posterior shoulder stretch

However, any kind of exercise towards treating impingement syndrome should be avoided if pain persists or increases as the main motto of exercising is to reduce pain and inflammation of bones and muscles.

Alternative Treatments For Impingement Syndrome

1. Apply Heat

A good shower with warm water for about 5-10 minutes will ease the pain. While doing so ensure the water isn't too hot.

2. Apply Ice

Same as hot showers ice packs can also do the trick for you as ice is known to have a calming effect on swollen muscles and bones.

3. Salt Bathe

Although many of us know this age-old treatment for pains we pay a deaf ear. Adding Epsom salt or any other kind of salt to your bath routine is actually good at easing impingement syndrome.

So, now you know answers for many other things related to impingement syndrome besides: can impingement syndrome cause neck pain? We hope you can manage it in a better way.


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