Cancer Alternative Therapies

Cancer Alternative Therapies

Cancer Alternative Therapies

The very word, cancer, sends jitters down our body as soon as we hear it. It is important however to understand that not all diagnosis of a cancerous cell are bad, some could be malignant and a very few turn cancerous. If it is diagnosed in time, cancer can be treated and cured. It is important to understand that to prevent any disease one must be proactive. In any manner otherwise, if you have been diagnosed with cancer you should stay on your treatment and not lose hope. One should not undermine the power of treatment and proper medicine.

Are There Alternative Cures to Cancer, Other Than Chemotherapy?

While many would like to suggest alternative treatments to cure cancer and associated side effects, medical science does not approve or support any of these due to lack of evidence. However, these alternative ways of treatment help one stay on track and in good health to avoid any side effects to take over and fight side effects of Chemotherapy.

What are The Cancer Alternative Therapies Available to Cancer Patients Besides Chemotherapy?

While there is no strong medical evidence to suggest that these cancer alternative therapies are 100% effective, it does not say otherwise as well. The idea is to follow an alternative therapy by making a sound judgement and not rely on the expected results 200%, discretion is to be used.

1. Health and Diet Changes:

While many of cancer patients lose hope if they are diagnosed with cancer, there are a few others that would not give up. It is important to take care of your health and get regular exercise and at the same time make changes to your diet to ensure your body is fully equipped to handle any health changes.

2. Surgery:

Surgery works great in a situation where the cancer is contained to one part of the body. The affected part can be removed surgically or just the tumour can be removed to treat cancer. The pathologist can help analyse the removed tissue to see the ratio of healthy cells and help proceed to avoid recurrence.

3. Radiation Therapy:

Irradiation, radiotherapy or X-Ray Therapy as it is referred to in many medical terms is used to cure cancer by killing cancer cells by use of radiation that are ionized. They can be administered to the patients both internally and externally. Radiation therapy is administered in fractions to avoid their impact on healthy cells and remove the cancer cells by killing their genetic material that renders them incapable to grow.

4. Immunotherapy:

The aim of this treatment is to make the immune system fight the cancer itself by use of interferons and cytokines. In many cases, we also see the use of bone marrow transplantation to fight cancer that affects the cancerous cells. This also has side effects that need to be taken into account and treatment has to be in place to fight these.

5. Hormonal Therapy:

There is also an alternative treatment that supports the use of hormones to prevent the cancer cells from growing by blocking certain hormones or providing certain hormones in the body.

6. Angiogenisis Inhibitors:

These inhibitors prevent the growth of blood vessels that feed the cancer cells as they grow and survive. One example is the bevacizumab which has been tried and tested technically and approved for use. But the targeted use of this has to be monitored to avoid effects on growth of normal cells and blood vessels.

Don’t fall for any shams or false claims to cure cancer or remove it completely. While these are all alternative cancer treatments, it is important to make a sound and informed decision after thorough discussion with one’s oncologist.

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