Caring For Your Nails

Caring For Your Nails

How to take care of your Nails

Have You Ever Checked How Your Nails Look?

Do They Have Dents, Patches, Ridges or Appear Different?

If yes, then your nails definitely need a face-lift. Finger nails are usually over-looked. A good nail color is enough to make them charming but nails reflect our health. Finger nails are composed of keratin which is a form of protein. As the new cells grow, older cells that are hard are pushed out towards the finger tips. Discoloration, dents and ridges indicate that there is something wrong about the well-being of our nails. Usually, one manicure session is enough for the nails to look better but such treatments at regular intervals ensure that they are in the pink of their health.

Trimming and filing nails regularly is a good habit.In spite of a busy schedule, make time to trim your nails and clean them. Use a fresh nail file to shape the nails and use a moisturizer to massage after you finish trimming. The moisturizer you pick must not dry as soon as you apply it. Rub the lotion over the nail completely without leaving gaps. Along with this, you can also take vitamin supplements to keep the nails glowing and supple. Biotin is one vitamin that is found to improve the vitality of nails and strengthen them within no time. Including these supplements in your diet can work wonders on your finger and toe nails.

Nail polishes are used quite commonly by many women and in a bid to display colorful nails, they don’t choose good quality products which might prove dangerous for them. Many companies deviate from making quality products and as a result we see a plethora of cheap polishes that can damage nails. Preferring a brand for polishes and polish removers will ensure that your nails are in a healthy condition. Never chip nail polish with a blade. Removers can do the job for you.

Abusing your nails is a strict NO from beauty experts. Biting nails, washing dishes or clothes, picking or poking things with nails can be bad for their health. Always use a pair of gloves while you are carrying out household chores or working in the garden. Gloves can prevent nail damage to a great extent. Similarly, never ignore any kind of nail problems. Be it simple discoloration, chipping off or roughness, consult a dermatologist and get the disorder treated without delay.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad