Top 10 Maternity Destinations in Hyderabad with Delivery Charges

Top 10 Maternity Destinations in Hyderabad with Delivery Charges

Maternity Hospitals Delivery Charges in Hyderabad

Maternity is a unique feeling which every woman wants to go through at some point of life or another. If you are expecting and reside in Hyderabad, mentioned below find top 10 maternity destinations in Hyderabad with delivery charges:

1. The Birth Place

The Birth Place Delivery Charges

Located at the elite Banjara Hills of Hyderabad, the Birth Place is an excellent hospital, which offers dedicated services for delivery and child care in the city. Highly experienced gynecologists and obstetricians are attached to the hospital for providing the best delivery options for expecting mothers in the least painful manner. There are two other branches of this hospital at Gachibowli and Kukatpally. Prenatal classes are offered to expecting mothers before delivery.

The Birthplace - Banjara Hills

Road No. 2, Banjara Hills,

Contact Number: (040) 67139999

2. Rainbow Hospital Delivery Charges

With 17 years of history, Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children offers highly dedicated services for child care and women. The hospital has excellent child-care set up with the best pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, nutritionists in the team. Almost 12,000 admissions are reported in this child-care hospital annually. High-risk pregnancy cases are also dealt with confidence at this hospital. In fact, this hospital is regarded as one of the best maternity hospitals in India.

Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children - Secunderabad

Vikrampuri Colony, Plot # C17,
Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 27895050, (040) 27896060

3. Fernandez Hospital Delivery Charges

Started as a small maternity clinic in 1948, Fernandez Hospital is a well known women’s care group in Andhra Pradesh. With the experience of more than 6 decades in the mother-child care services, the hospital specializes in Anaesthesiology, Perinatal Pathology, Neonatology, Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology. There are 4 centers of this maternity hospital. Delivery package starts from INR 35,000 and extends to INR 75,000. The charges vary depending on the kind of delivery and the room in which the mother stays during and post delivery.

Fernandez Hospital - Bogulkunta

4-1-1230, Bogulkunta,
Near Abids, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 40222397

4. Apollo Cradle

Apollo Cradle Delivery Charges

A wing of Apollo Group of Hospitals, Apollo Cradle is solely dedicated to would-be-mothers and infants. The maternity hospital offers various kinds of treatments during pregnancy and for the mother and the child as required. High risk pregnancies and abnormalities are dealt exceptionally well in the hospital. Other facilities in the hospital include computerized serum screening, infertility treatments, genetic counselling, chromosomal analysis, etc. Delivery charges at the Apollo Hospital start from INR 55,000 for normal delivery and general ward and reach up to INR 1,10,900 for C-section and private ward AC. Packages in between these amounts are also available.

Apollo Cradle - Jubilee Hills

Dharani Devi Building, Plot No. 565, Co-Op Building Society Ltd,
Road No. 92, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 44244424

5. Swapna Healthcare

Established as a nursing home in 1983, Swapna Healthcare is one stop destination for maternity and delivery issues in Hyderabad. Along with deliveries and pregnancy cases, the hospital also deals with gynecological disorders and fertility problems. Great infrastructure and highly experienced gynecologists and obstetricians form part of the hospital integrally. Great neonatal care and gynecological care is provided to the newborn and the mother respectively.

Swapna Healthcare - Begumpet

6-3-1111/19, Nishath Bagh,
Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 23402417, (040) 23405019

6. MaxCure Hospitals

MaxCure Hospitals Delivery Charges

MaxCure Hospitals is a multi-speciality hospital in Hyderabad with a separate MaxCure Woman and Child Center, where pregnancies and deliveries are handled. People from an elite society of Hyderabad avail facilities at this hospital for maternity and delivery services. High-risk deliveries are handled with great care at the hospital with excellent success rates. There are a superlative neonatal intensive care unit and a high tech labor room in the hospital. Other than this, various kinds of gynecological problems are also treated effectively at the hospital.

MaxCure Hospitals - Madhapur

Behind Cyber Towers, Lane Next to McDonald's,
Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Contact Number: (040) 45404540, (040) 49404940

7. KIMS Hospitals

KIMS Hospitals is a super-speciality hospital group with around 1800 beds. At Secunderabad, the hospital has an Institute of Pediatrics, in which maternity and delivery are integral parts. In fact, KIMS Hospital has the largest neonatal care centers in the whole of India and has managed many premature delivery cases with success and confidence. Many complicated problems of a newborn have been successfully handled by the hospital.

KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad

1 - 8 - 31/1, Minister Road,
Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 44885000, (040) 44885184

8. Care Hospitals Delivery Charges

Care Hospitals Delivery Charges

Care Hospitals in Hyderabad has 15 multi speciality hospitals scattered all over the city. The branch at Banjara Hills has 435 beds and offers medical care in various fields including maternity and delivery facilities. High quality medical care and hygiene are maintained in the hospital. When good hospitals are considered for maternity and delivery in Hyderabad, this hospital will need a mention for sure. Other facilities available at the hospital include gynecological care, prenatal guidance, pre-natal testing, postpartum care, fetal assessment, etc. Package of delivery charges in Hyderabad at Care Hospitals begin from INR 40,000 for normal delivery and general ward accommodation and can be expensive as INR 1,00,000 for C-section delivery and stay in private ward AC. There are some intermediate delivery and maternity packages as well.

Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills

Road No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 30418888, (040) 66668888

9. Kamineni Hospitals Delivery Charges

Kamineni Hospitals Delivery Charges

Kamineni Hospitals offers multi-disciplinary treatments along with speciality clinics. Would-be-mothers and their families get great help and services from the dedicated gynecologists and obstetricians in the hospital. Today, Kamineni Hospitals is regarded as one of the best destinations for maternity and delivery in Hyderabad. Complicated pregnancy and neonatal cases have been successfully handled by the hospital till date. When compared to other places, delivery charges at this hospital are quite reasonable. The minimum package rate of delivery is INR 15,000, which can increase in steps to almost INR 50,000. Rates of packages vary depending upon the kind of delivery and the room was chosen for accommodation.

Kamineni Hospitals - LB Nagar

L.B Nagar, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 39879999

10. Continental Hospitals Delivery Charges

Continental Hospitals Delivery Charges

Continental Hospitals belong to the largest healthcare group in Asia called Parkway Pantai Ltd. In Hyderabad, the hospital has 750 beds and offers multi-disciplinary treatments including maternity and delivery facilities. Women and child care are emphasized greatly at this hospital. High risk pregnancy cases are handled excellently by the highly experienced gynecologists and obstetricians at the hospital. Other issues related to pregnancy and reproductive health is also addressed at the hospital and required treatments are offered. Delivery charges at Continental Hospitals start from INR 60,000 and end at INR 80,000 only.

Continental Hospitals - Gachibowli

Plot No.3, Road no.2, IT & Financial Dist,
Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Contact Number: (040) 67000000

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