Do You Know Of Everything That Chocolate Can Do For You?

Do You Know Of Everything That Chocolate Can Do For You?


There is chocolate lying in the refrigerator and yet you control the temptation of stealing a bite off the dark brown bar simply because of all the propaganda associated with its consumption, namely acne, diabetes, cholesterol and the most dreaded of all, putting on weight. Maybe it is time for you to learn the other side of the story, namely the various ways in which this ancient product of the cocoa tree can benefit you.

All the criticism notwithstanding, it is indeed true that chocolate does have a positive impact on the human body and it was probably this factor that might have prompted the Olmecs in Mesoamerica to extract it from the forest for consumption. Owing to its rich creamy texture and viscous consistency, chocolate has evolved over the years into one of the most potent universal languages that can transcend all differences with ease. Whether it is a dispute between two individuals in love or a fight amongst factions, a slab or box of chocolates is all that is needed to bring peace to the table followed by peals of laughter.

Much of the positive potential of chocolate is attributed to its high antioxidant content and this impacts health in the following ways –

Reducing Cholesterol:

Scientific research has proven that eating chocolate that is replete with plant sterols and cocoa flavanois strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol levels and improves blood pressure. A cumulative effect of this is significant reduction in the incidence of a stroke.

Preserving Memory:

As we grow older, our brain requires additional nourishment than before to achieve the same levels of mental alertness to the extent that lack of it often leads to a cognitive breakdown, for example Alzheimer’s syndrome. One step that retards this degeneration entails including minimum of two cups of steaming hot chocolate in your diet since it has been known to trigger enhanced flow of blood to different areas of the brain.

Improvement in Cardio Health:

Although concrete connection in this area of study is yet to be established, medical experts who specialize in cardiology claim that if imbibed daily chocolate possesses the capability of cutting down the incidence of heart disease by one-third, of stroke by 22% and likelihood of succumbing to a heart stroke by 46%.

Good news especially for teenagers is that eating chocolate creates a dent in the fat levels in their bodies and makes them slimmer irrespective of other factors like physical exercise and other activities. So as long as you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth at stipulated durations, you really need not control your temptation and have a go at this delicious fantasy while you can.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad