Dr. Amit Haldar Neurologist in Kolkata

Dr. Amit Haldar

Neurologist, Kolkata

MBBS, MD, DM (Neurology

  • 17 Years Experience
  • 3 Hospitals


  • Dr. Amit Haldar is a consultant at Fortis Hospital, Kolkata
  • Expert in the fields of Neurology and Epileptologist with years of international experience
  • Dr. Haldar is an expert in the fields of Neurology and Epileptology


  • Neurology


  • Electrophysiology


  • Epilepsy


  • Clinical Neurophysiologic Services (Electrodiagnosis)
  • Epilepsy
  • Neuro Electrophysiology 


MBBS, Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata, India

MD, Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata, India

DM (Neurology), Seth G S Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India

Practice Information

Fortis Hospitals, Kolkata

Fortis Hospitals, Kolkata

#730, EM Bypass Road, Anandapur, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700107


10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Park Clinic, Kolkata

Park Clinic, Kolkata

4, Gorky Terrace, Between Camac Street and Minto Park, On AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700017

Asclepius Clinic, Kolkata

Asclepius Clinic, Kolkata

BA 41, Near PNB Island, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700064

Achievements & Contributions

  • MD dissertation: A study of the metabolic changes in tumor lysis syndrome.
  • DM dissertation: Bedside Cognitive evaluation of Patients of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Co-investigator in the Trial –“Safety & Efficacy of Natural Superkinase in patients of ischaemic stroke” conducted at KEM Hospital in 2002-2003 in collaboration with Siro Clinini Pharma Limited. Trial conducted according to GCP guidelines.
  • Achieved 3rd rank in MD (General Medicine) examinations, Kolkata University. 1991
  • Recipient of First Certificate of Honors in Physiology from Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata. 1991
  • Recipient of Honors Marks in Biochemistry from Calcutta University in first professional MBBS.
  • Awarded the National Scholarship in both Secondary & Higher Secondary Board.
  • Dr. Haldar has many publications and papers to his credit.
  • Harini C, Das R R, Prabhu S P, Singh K, Haldar A, Takeoka M, Bergin A M, Loddenkemper T, Kothare S V. Clinical and Radiological Profile of Children with Lesions in Corpus Callosum.  J Neuroimaging. 2014 Dec 18. doi: 10.1111/jon.12190.
  • Libenson M H, Haldar A,Pinto A. The stability of spike counts in children with interictal epileptiform activity. Seizure 2014 Jun;23(6):454-6. doi: 10.1016/j.seizure.2014.03.005. Epub 2014 Mar 18.
  • Teaching Video Neuro Images: complex partial seizure evolving into a psychogenic. Nonepileptic seizure. Perez D L, Haldar A, Rotenberg A, Kothare S V. Neurology. 2010 Dec 14;75(24):e98.
  • Mukherjee V, Mukherjee A, Halder A. Type I diabetes mellitus in a child presenting with epilepsy partialis continua. J Indian Med Assoc. 2007 Jun;105(6):340, 342.
  • Haldar A, Mukherjee A. Parry Romberg’s disease with intractable partial epilepsy. Neurology India 2007:55(2): 160-162.
  • Majumder A, Halder A, Talapatra DS et al. Hepatitis E associated with acute pancreatitis with pseudocyst- JAPI. Dec 1999.
  • Co-authored the chapter ‘Fatigue in Neurological practice’; in the textbook 'Unsung topics in Neurology’ edited by Dr. Ambar Chakravarty; 2006
  • Co-authored the paper Catamenial epilepsy- Presented in the national meet of the Indian Epilepsy Association at Nagpur in October 2004.
  • Presented the award paper  â€œOn the borderlands of epilepsy- A study on Pseudoseizures” at the national meet of the Indian Epilepsy Association at Vizag in September 2003.
  • Platform presentation- Tuberculomas of brain: An unpredictable entity. Presented at the Joint European Congress in Istanbul, 2014.
  • Poster Presentation on The stability of spike counts in children with interictal epileptiform activity. A Haldar, Mark Libenson at American Epilepsy Society meeting in December 2010.
  • Poster Presentation on Inter rater variability in quantification of epileptic spikes: A spike by spike analysis. M Takeoka, D Sarco, K Boyer and A Haldar.
  • Poster presentation on Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria – An Unusual cause of Stroke at 11th Asian & Oceanic Congress of Neurology at Singapore in November 2004.
  • Poster presentation on 'An unusual presentation of CNS lupus' at 11th Asian & Oceanic Congress of Neurology at Singapore in November 2004. Abstracts published in Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, Volume 11, Supplement 1, Nov 2004. Pgs 22,31.
  • Presented a poster titled “Leukodystrophy with megalencephaly- Van der Knaap’s variant” in the Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Neurology at Vizag in October2003.
  • Poster “Polymerase Chain Reaction in diagnosis of Kala-azar” presented in the API conference at Calcutta in January 1999. Abstract published in Journal of Association of Physicians of India, January 1999.
  • Paper “A study of tumor lysis syndrome in patients of acute leukemia” presented at the 38 the Annual Conference of Indian Society Of Hematology and Blood Transfusion at Calcutta in December 1997. Abstract published in Indian Journal of Hematology & Blood Transfusion, December 1997, Supplement 1.
  • Halder A, Chakravarty Ambar. Nipah virus encephalitis: A cause for concern for Indian neurologists? Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 2006: 9(3): 137-144.
  • Pal S, Aggrawal G, Haldar A, Majumdar A et al. Diagnosis of symptomatic kala-azar by polymerase chain reaction using patient’s blood. Med Sci Monit. 2004 Jan;10(1):MT1.
  • IAN, AAN, AES (American Epilepsy Society)