Dr.J. Vimal Raj Radiologist in Bangalore

Dr.J. Vimal Raj

Radiologist, Bangalore



  • Languages : English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada


  • Radiology



  • MBBS from Government Medical College, Bellary, India
  • FRCR from Royal College of Radiologists. London,2007
  • CCT (UK)from Specialist Register, General Medical Council, London, 2010
  • PGDMLS (PG Diploma in Medico Legal Systems) from Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, 2009
  • EDM from Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, India

Practice Information

Achievements & Contributions

  • The British and Karnataka state government have conferred multiple awards to him for his exemplary work
  • National award for excellence’ in Biology, 1995
  • ‘Best Citizen Award’ for voluntary service in rescue of Gujarat earthquake victims, 2001
  • NATO medal for ISAF operation in Afghanistan, 2012
  • ‘Operational Service Medal’ for Afghanistan- Ministry of Defence, UK,2012 
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