3 Effective Treatments For TMJ Pain

3 Effective Treatments For TMJ Pain

effective treatments for tmj pain

TMJ pain (Temporomandibular Joint) can easily be treated using a multiple of treatment option. One should seek proper medical care and to get the right diagnosis and treatment. There are many ways to help relieve the pain. Visiting a local TMJ specialist is the first step towards seeking treatment for this condition. Some DIY tips can also help to relieve the pain. You may take some anti-inflammatory drugs, get a massage or simply avoid chewing hard. These simple tips can help relieve TMJ pain. But you should seek treatment for the same.

Here Are 3 Effective Treatments for TMJ Pain

1.Conservative Treatment Option

The main reason why most TMJ specialists recommend this type of treatment is because it has no side effects. Again, if the treatment does not work, you may stop it with no problem at all. The approach depends on the cause of the TMJ pain. That is why different approaches are used on different people. To know what the east approach for a patient is, a TMJ specialist will examine the patient first. The recommendation is Usually of the patient to manage stress, avoid chewing hard foods, and use of muscle relaxers and pain relievers.

2.Physical Therapy

This is another effective treatment for TMJ pain especially if a specialist recommends and guides you on the right exercise. A medical practitioner can teach you to massage, stretch and relax the affected muscles. This will cure the pain depending on the cause. The first step a TMJ specialist takes is to identify the cause of the pain. This way, a good treatment plan can be recommended. A dentist may also recommend the use of a mouth guard or other helpful appliances. Caution must be taken when seeking treatment for TMJ pain. If the diagnosis is wrong, then treatment will also fail. Ensure that you seek professional treatment from a qualified TMJ specialist so that the pain is cured. Bite orthotics is another simple way to cure TMJ pain if the pain is caused by misalignment of jaws. Through 3d imaging technology, a TMJ specialist can customize bite orthotics for a patient.


This method should be the last option. One should also seek a second opinion because it is irreversible. Through CT scans, a doctor may easily identify the problem and recommend this method of treatment. Remember this method is recommended by specialists only if the above two methods have failed. Again, the specialist must have evidence that this procedure will benefit you and completely heal TMJ pain. It is a good idea to continue using conservative and physical therapy treatment for some time first to see if TMJ pain is healed. one should not rush to surgery. In fact, it this is a rare recommendation by most TMJ specialists. They mainly recommend the above two methods first.

A specialist in TMJ pain will recommend an effective treatment plan for you. The debate on the various treatment options, their benefits and effectiveness are still on. One must, therefore, consult widely and get at least two opinions from TMJ pain specialists. This way, you are sure that the best treatment method is used.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad