Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is very popular these days. You might have seen many commercials on the TV with models flaunting about their masculine and sexual health when they actually started using testosterone gel on shoulders, arms and other parts of the body. However, there is another side of the story which no TV commercial is going to reveal.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, men having testosterone replacement therapy are more likely to get cardiovascular problems. What they revealed was halted owing to the truth it promulgated.

We cannot deny the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. But, in some situations, the benefits of this therapy completely outweigh the potential risks that one may experience. You may get a quick fix when you actually want to get away with the low sex drive. But you should never overlook the hazards that you may experience in the long run

Here in this article, we are going to tell you some truths about the TRT which most of the therapist don’t owing to the profit they make through this lucrative business

TRT - The Most Prescribed Medical Treatment In The USA

In the USA, the medications of testosterone replacement therapy are considered as the best remedy for many problems such as depression, low sex drive, aging, etc. Men over 65 are being prescribed the TRT so that they can improve their sexual health. Thousands of people in Kansas City visit the Evrnu which is a premium clinic of USA.

Although very small, there are certain people who experience immediate side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. Some of the immediate side effects include acne breakout, shortening of breathing while sleeping, swelling and tenderness, etc. An increased risk of blood clotting has also been seen due to this therapy which consequently leads to hypertension and heart attack.

TRT May Cause Prostate Cancer

According to Expert Physicians, people taking testosterone replacement therapy are at a high risk of developing prostate cancer in any stage of life. The TRT is known to stimulate cancer cells. There is no solid proof of developing prostate cancer due to TRT. People have mixed experience. However, many doctors are now vigilant while prescribing TRT medication.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy’s Exposure Is Dangerous

One thing that most of us don’t know is what could be the harmful effect of this therapy if any woman or child gets exposure. It has also been revealed that the testosterone gel is very infamous when it is transferred to others.

When women get exposed to this gel, they are likely to develop certain health-related problems such as increased hair growth on the face, irregular menstruation cycle, anxiety and a lot more. In children, premature sexual growth may occur due to getting exposed to TRT gel.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Costs Too High

For many people, the cost of TRT is nearly 400 dollars each month. Moreover, this high-cost treatment has no insurance to cover. According to recent studies, the TRT has very positive effects on the libido which consequently improves the sexual health of older men. It has also been seen that TRT has no significant effect on other related health issues such as depression, memory loss problem, fatigue, etc.

So, the only reason why men seek TRT medication is the effects of this medicine on libido. For any other health issue, a different type of medication or therapy is required that eventually increases the cost of the treatment.

Since the TRT is also known to cause cardiovascular problems, it becomes inevitable for a person to spend more money on health while trying to raise the sex drive at the same time.