Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a commonly found condition that tends to lead to pain, the hands and wrists being numb and their weakening. It happens when added force is exerted on a nerve known as the median nerve. This is the nerve that leads to the thumb, index and middle fingers up to half of the ring finger having feelings. When one has this condition he may require surgery to reduce this pain but sometimes an individual may experience finger numbness after carpal tunnel surgery.

Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery Causes

The tunnel is thin duct found in the hand wrists, the under and the edge is made up of bones known as carpal bones which are semi-circular. Through the hollow part of the duct, the median nerve is placed together with tendons which assist in stretching and bending of the fingers.

When there are conditions that lead to slimming of the tunnel it makes the tendons to have inflammation, this, in turn, compresses the median nerve which leads to the ailment. Also some individual apart from number their finger become swollen after the surgery

Other Factors that Contribute to the Condition Occurring Include

  • Being pregnant for women
  • Hemodialysis
  • Having the fractures of the bones or dislocation
  • If the hands or wrists have abnormalities in their structure
  • Suffering from arthritis-related diseases such as goitre or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Suffering from diabetes
  • Being involved in high alcohol content intake for a prolonged period.
  • Having a tumor in the carpal duct

Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery Symptoms

  • One may suffer from a hot like burning sensation. The numbness may lead to itchiness of the hand palms or the thumb, the index and middle fingers.
  • While sleeping the fingers tend to become numb especially during the night. This mostly occurs in the evening when the hand is being relaxed.
  • When the day starts, one may have a tingling sensation of the hands, while at the same time being numb which may be felt all across to the shoulder.
  • In extreme cases, one may have a complete loss or lesser holding powers of the hands due to the shrinking of the muscles in one’s hand.
  • Pain and muscle cramps also tend to be increased and worsening too. The median nerve starts to fail in its functions due to the force applied to it and being irritated at the same time. This tends to lead to reduced nerve impulse, losing the sensation of the fingers and losing ability and coordination, such as the strength to pinch using the thumb.

Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

  • Having physical therapy, this will help in reducing the pain and the fingers and wrists being numb
  • Having to use braces for wrists assists the condition
  • Corticosteroids treatment can help
  • Taking care of oneself may assist in reducing the signs of the condition, putting ice on the wrists for ten to 15 minutes. Once or twice in one minute is an example of self-care.
  • Shaking the wrists in a gentle manner or hanging it on the edges of the bed when the pain gets up during the night.

Home Remedies for Finger Numbness After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

  • Rest - Taking rests from any chores that are repeated at a given time-such as typing, playing the guitar, prolonged use of a hand-held drill. This can be achieved by using a timer before embarking on a particular chore, example doing the task for like 15 minutes then immediately stopping when the set time lapses then stretching the fingers, this tends to boost the flow of blood to the fingers.
  • Wearing Splints on One’s Wrists - This ensures that the wrists are kept stretched and reduces the force on the median nerve. The symptoms for carpal tunnel condition are more evident during the night. If the same persists in the day especially at one’s workplace due to performing the same chores for a prolonged period, one can use splints.
  • Reducing The Pressure of Carrying Out A Particular Task - This is much needed when one finds themselves doing stressful and work that entails the use of extra force. Such chores include writing, typing, or use of a cash register. One is required to reduce the effort they are using. There is a need to grasp things like pens or key tapping in a light manner.
  • One Needs To Be Fully Aware of Their Twisting of The Wrist’s Muscles - chores or tasks that tend to twist the muscles of the wrists extremely should be highly avoided if necessary.
  • The need to keep warm, this is achieved by ensuring wearing gloves which do not cover the whole fingers. This assists in the reduction of the pain and the rigidity of the fingers or wrists after the carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Doing Random Wrist or Finger Exercises - Especially when one is on their feet and upright while working, folding the fingers into a fist then sliding them till they are stretched fully again. One should keep repeating the activity for five to ten times, which helps to reduce the force applied to one’s wrist.
  • Raising One’s Hands and Wrists Whenever Necessary - it is highly advised and has good results if one’s CTS is due to being pregnant, having bone injuries which cause fractures, or any separate conditions such as retaining of fluid.
  • Using Medicines - That have been purchased from pharmacies, Over the counter drugs that relieve pain examples aspirin and ibuprofen or Advil may be used. They do not only reduce the levels of the pain one has, but they tend to decrease swelling of the area around the nerve.
  • Relying on Any Substances That Decrease Pain in a Great Way Especially During the Day - For example, workers in slaughterhouses who suffer from CTS, apply topical menthol to decrease the pain.

If the home remedies don't reduce the problem of finger numbness after carpal tunnel surgery, one should seek out other therapies that are available, such as corticosteroid injections or undergoing surgery. Diagnosing the condition early is highly advisable to avoid eternal damage of the nerves.