Remarkable Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy You Should Know About

Remarkable Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy You Should Know About

Benefits of Full Body Massage

When you develop health problems, you are most likely to visit doctors specializing in various genres. However, it has been seen that opting for massage therapy can be therapeutic for addressing several health issues. Both women and men of varying ages can benefit from availing massage therapy, as it is. If you worry endlessly is body massage good for health, cast it away!.However, there are many variants of massages and you should obtain enough information on full body massage benefits before proceeding.

Below listed are the major health benefits you can obtain from massages:

1. Pain reduction and management

Massage Therapy Pain reduction

Pains, including back pains haunt a majority of humans- across a wide age range. Both homemakers and working professionals get affected by pains in various parts of the body. The causes can also be diverse, including incorrect posture at work, accidents and resultant damage to tissues and many more. There are many therapies for pain management, including medication and invasive surgical procedures. However, in a number of situations opting for specialized massage therapy brings really good results. Sometimes, massage can be used in conjunction with medication and other methods to ease pains of various types.

A lot of people, including those who work with unergonomic postures for a long time everyday develop syndromes like carpal tunnel Syndrome. Specific massages like can be used to get relief from these conditions.

2. Better breathing

People may develop breathing difficulties owing to a number of factors. It could be related to any lungs and respiratory tract related issue. Sometimes intense body pain can also lead to breathing problem in people frommany age groups. When the muscles in the rib cage and belly get tightened, leading to breathing deficit, using massage can bring benefits. Massage can make those muscles relaxed- thereby promoting easier and relaxed breathing.

3. Better sleep

Better sleep Massage Therapy

There is simply no denying the importance of sleep behind leading a healthy life. Lack of enough sleep can lead to problems in both personal and professional life, as it has been observed. Besides, sleeplessness may also lead to the onset of chronic health issues in the long run. Erratic duty hours, external factors and dietary issues may lead to sleeping problems. At times, tension and stress can also lead to sleeplessness in people. Instead of taking the sleeping pills, you may opt for a relaxing session of massage.

Massage does help in inducing sleep in people, including those who are sleep deprived. It makes your body muscles relaxed and this helps you doze off at the end of the day with ease. The benefits of foot massage are mention worthy in this context.

4. Relief from anxiety and stress

People get tensed and full of anxiety owing to various reasons. The major factors leading to stress and depression are marital discords, professional issues, loss of a close one, any serious illness, etc. While opting for counseling, therapy works for stress relief in most cases, massage therapy can also augment the effects. This has been corroborated by several study findings. It has been observed that application of apt massage helps reduce cortisol- the stress hormone in your body.

5. Relief from headaches

Massage Therapy headaches

Next time you are bogged by pestering headaches, try for a massage session. It may bring better relief than those OTC pain balms. Studies carried out at Spain’s Granada University shows massage therapy can bring relief for people suffering from chronic tension headaches.

6. Skin benefits

Many people may not have given massage benefits for skina thought, but massage therapy can do wonders for skin health! Special body massages involving the application of oil, scrub and lotions help in exfoliating dead skin cells from the body. This brings out the texture of your skin and leaves a glow on the surface. It may also be good in fading away scar and stretch marks from the skin. Besides, using lotions, creams and oils also help nourish your skin. Detoxifying massage sessions are also available at spa and salons these days.

7. Posture improvements

Millions of women and men remain oblivious to the fact they sit and walk in postures that are far from correct! Using improper postures in the long run can lead to chronic back and body pain. Besides, it also affects your appearance. When you opt for massage therapy- it helps your muscles stay relaxed. This leads you to be incorrect postures- while walking, sitting or moving around. There are massage benefits for weight loss as well.

8. Relief from pregnancy related conditions

There is no denying the importance of conceiving but it is also true that pregnancy induces some major change in a woman’s body- both mental and physical. Cramps in the legs, muscle stiffness and mood swings are some such conditions that pregnant women have to undergo. Opting for specialized pregnancy massage therapy can help women who have conceived overcome the complications. The stress or stiffness in body parts can be reduced through massage in these women. This can help when using medications may not be possible owing to complications.

9. Relief from pain of arthritis

Arthritis does not have a remedy, but most of the victims rely on measures to tackle the pain caused by it. A number of important studies have indicated that massage can be used to get relief from pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Regular massage helps such patients lead a better life.

Things to think of when opting for massage therapy

While there are so many advantages of opting for massage therapy, you need to be careful about certain issues before going for a massage session.

  • In some cases, massage therapy helps people in recuperating from accidents and surgeries. However, this can vary and in cases where elderly or chronically ill people are involved, expert medical intervention is a must.
  • There are massage benefits for athletes, but the session should be provided by expert masseurs.
  • People with broken bones and brittle bones should seek massage only after recommendation of orthopedics and doctors.
  • You shun seek medical advice, when you think how often should you get a massage.

Massages has more benefits than meets the eye. But, be sure to get a massage done by an experienced practitioner for best results!