Your Guide To Get Rid Of Ticks in Your House for This Summer Without Hassles

Your Guide To Get Rid Of Ticks in Your House for This Summer Without Hassles

Get rid of Ticks in your House

Summer means the time to indulge in celebrations and festivities for a lot of people. The evening parties, get-togethers and festive events bring joy to life- beyond doubt. However, it is also the time for numerous bugs and pets to thrive and invade human territories! Along with other pesky insects, ticks can make foray into your garden backyards and if you are not careful-indoors. These crawling insects may look insignificant but you should not underestimate the menace they can unleash.

Why You Should Care About Ticks?

Tick bites may not result in as much pain as a bee sting, but that can lead to Lyme disease, as per the view of the CDC. The bacteria borne ailment is caused by a bacteria carried by the blacklegged ticks. Negligence to spot the disease may lead to damage to muscles, nerves and body joints. In the early days of summer, ticks may look like pepper flake, but grown up ones resembles small and thinner beetles.

Ways to Ensure You Evade Tick Invasion and Bite

The truth is ticks can get into your home and rooms in many ways. They can come through the fur of your pets that venture into the garden and greens. You can contract ticks in clothing when enjoying a garden party or picnics outdoors in summer days. They also invest in damp patches around the house.

You Should Adhere to the Below Listed Steps to Ensure Your Household is Free of Ticks:

Secure the Home and Landscape:

Depending on the adjacent region and landscaping you may never know if a colony of ticks is near the home or not. Ensure you spray insect repellent solutions at the exterior. You can also wash rooms with fluids that contain chemicals or natural extracts that repel ticks and similar crawling bugs. Ensure you clean the garage, patio and lawn with such solutions to keep ticks at bay.

Keep Eyes on The Pets:

No matter how much you love your canine or feline companion, they can act as biggest carrier of ticks and bring the bugs to home, albeit unknowingly. Furry dogs and other furry pets attract ticks easily. When they go out in gardens and area near the house, ticks find their way into the fur. So, you have to keep tab on the activities on such furry pets. Use suitable body wash and shampoos for bathing the pets and combs to take out the ticks every week.

Check the Clothes

You can never know when the ticks make way into your clothes or those of the toddlers, as it is. This can happen when you get into the garden and bushy areas and spend some time there for various needs, gardening, picnic or sports, etc. When you need to go out wear white or light colored clothes so that spotting the tiny bugs become easier.

Look Out for Damp and Wet Areas Around:

Ticks and similar bugs need wet areas and humid zones to thrive. So, you should watch out for damp and wet areas near your house. This could be a neglected damp patch at the backyard or in the garden. Eliminate those areas to eradicate ticks. Ticks really cannot survive or stay long in dry areas or spaces that get adequate sunlight.

Shower and Sundry Clothes:

Sometimes, ticks can evade your prying eyes and stay hidden in layers of clothes. Wash clothes in warm water and disinfectant after returning from outside. Sundry the clothes to ensure the ticks get eliminated totally. You may also dry the clothesin the dryer with temperature set a tad higher than usual.

Check the Body:

After you return from outdoors in summer, take a bath and while doing so check the body. Ticks can hide in parts of the body that you are likely to overlook like groin and underarms for example. If you spot them sticking to such areas, take them out with a tweezer immediately. You may even use a mirror to inspect the back side of the body.

Where it All Leads To?

So, you can see staying away from ticks is not that hard. You need to evade the ways they can make into your home and body, basically. Keeping an eye on the kids and pet is also advisable as they will not be mindful about it. Using certain repellents can be useful, but nothing can be more effective than a vigilant eye and precautionary measures as far as keeping ticks away is concerned.

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad