Getting Diabetes Under Control

Getting Diabetes Under Control

Diabetes under Control

As the worst of killer diseases across the world, besides being the harbinger of many other complicated illnesses, diabetes is dreaded by many.

A much-feared disease as it is, there are still ways to beat the monster, if one is patient enough to follow a few simple instructions to keep diabetes at bay.

Exercise Daily:

Go out for a walk or hit the gym. Mobility helps in the proper consumption of insulin, which in turn reduces the need for you to require insulin supplements to help your cells absorb more sugar from the blood.

Kick The Urge to Snack On Sweet Treats:

Agreed that it is easier said than done, but studies have always proven that the all-consuming urge for sweet-laden treats often leads to severe complications which may have not have occurred in the first place if patients laid off them.

See Your Doctor Regularly:

A sweet, silent killer it is, diabetes is notorious for lulling people into a false sense of safety. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, see your doctor and get your sugar levels checked regularly.

Follow a Special Diet:

Apart from sweets, steer clear of fatty foods, potatoes, carrots, rice and milk products, and switch to low fat versions of the same.

Check Your Feet For Numbness:

High blood sugar often damages nerves leading to numbness, marked by the absence of pain or any feeling even if your feet are bruised or suffer cuts. Numbness is very dangerous and needs immediate medical attention.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking causes narrowness of blood vessels, affecting blood circulation to the tips of your body. Giving up smoking helps you beat diabetes better and faster.

Check For High BP:

Rising blood pressure is one of the side-effects of diabetes, and increases the risk of heart diseases. Regularly check your BP and see a doctor if you notice fluctuations.

Take An Eye Test:

A yearly visit to an ophthalmologist is imperative to ensure that your eyes and vision stay unaffected due to diabetes.

Pop in Pills On Time:

Taking your medicines on time everyday is extremely important to ensure that your body gets the required supplements right on time for smooth functioning of the organs.

Stay Positive:

Nothing is more effective on the human body than a sound and optimistic mind. Put your fears aside and concentrate on getting better as a whole with a positive outlook at things.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad