Habits That Can Reduce Heart Disease

Habits That Can Reduce Heart Disease

reduce heart disease
Heart disease has grown to unprecedented proportion in the recent years. It is the major disease that kills millions of people every year worldwide. The lifestyle today is responsible for the problem to grow to such mammoth proportion. Heart diseases are mainly due to the narrowing of the arteries that supply blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart.

Unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyles are all the major reasons for heart diseases.

Educating Young

Today it has become very important to inculcate a healthy lifestyle right from the very beginning in a child. It then becomes easier for the child to carry it on throughout his life. Changing lifestyles in adulthood becomes very difficult. Parents can encourage children to eat healthy. Educating them about the benefits of eating healthy at a young age will help the coming generation have fewer heart problems.

Healthy Eating

  • Eating food that is low in saturated and Trans fat. Deep fried, processed food, some meats, baked food, chocolates, dairy products etc., can raise your bad cholesterol.
  • Eat fatty fish, olive oil that are both very good sources of fat and good for heart health.
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your meal. The fruits and vegetables are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. This helps your body get all the minerals and nutrients required by the body to be fitter and healthier.
  • Have a low salt diet for a healthy heart. It helps to manage your blood pressure.
  • A diet low in sugar helps to prevent weight gain. Instead of processed sugar have honey and other natural form of sugar which is healthier.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit that plays havoc with your heart. Some would think smoking harms only the lungs but that's not true, even passive smoking is bad. Research has shown that almost 50% of heart attacks in women are due to smoking or tobacco use. Quit smoking and live a longer life.

Weight loss

Obesity is another cause for heart diseases. Loads of fat accumulated in the body gives rise to a whole lot of diseases and heart disease is the first among them. Carrying extra fat around the belly strains the heart. The risk is raised to almost 106% in women. A loss of even 10% of your weight can make a difference to your heart risks.

Reduce Portion Size

In order to lose weight it is very important to see not just the quality but also the quantity of food you eat. Overloading your plate with food, taking second helping etc you fill your stomach with more calories, and fat. Keeping portions small of healthy food will help you not just lose weight but also have a healthier heart.

Eat Home Cooked Food

Consuming home cooked food is a good way to keep heart diseases at bay. Packaged food or processed foods are full of salt, preservatives and other additives that can be bad for your heart. Cooking wholesome food at home is healthier.

Be More Active

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be a huge risk to your heart. You need to be more active. Any kind of physical activity and daily exercise is like a magic pill for your heart. Children should be encouraged to play outdoors and not on their computers and cell phones. Playing a sport will make them more active and healthier. Walking for half an hour daily reduces heart problems. It also helps to reduce diabetes and blood pressure.

Alcohol in Moderation

Too much alcohol is bad for the heart. Limiting alcohol to just a just one drink or two can give healthier results.

A healthier lifestyle means a healthier heart and longer life. So go healthy and stay healthy.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad