How Healthy Are Water Filters? Health Benefits

How Healthy Are Water Filters? Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Filtered Water

You know you are lucky if you have access to clean drinking water because 1.2 billion people around the world don’t have it. Anyhow, having access to clean water is not enough. You need to filter it and make sure it’s safe for consumption.

You need to invest in a reliable water filter like ( to assure the water you use is free of impurities. Following, we are going to describe the importance of filtered water and help you understand what difference it makes.

Cosmetic Benefits

Drinking filtered water not only helps you feel better on the inside, but it also makes you feel better on the outside. Drinking chlorine free water makes you feel confident as you look better. Following, we will describe the aesthetic benefits of drinking filtered water:

Shiny and Soft Hair

Chlorine in water ruins your hair. It makes them dull and flat. You lose shiny and soft hair. Therefore, filtering water prevents chlorine from drying out your hair and gives them a healthier outlook.

Better Skin

Filtering out chlorine helps for the soft and healthy skin. Chlorine can make your skin dull and rough. It also leads to various skin issues. Therefore, instead of wasting money on expensive treatments, it would be better if you justfilter your water and get rid of chlorine at first hand.

Healthy Nails

Toxins weaken your nails. Yes, if your nails are exposed to chlorine and other toxins for a longer time, it will ruin your nails. Filter your water to have strong and beautiful nails.

Health Benefits

Choose between filtered water over tap water can mean the difference between life and death. Using filtered water means you are not feeding yourself lead, chlorine or other toxins. Investing in a water filter beforehand means you won’t have to pay for expensive treatments. Following, we are going to describe some of the health benefits of drinking filtered water:

Better Digestion

Water is central to the digestive system. The digestive system uses water for several processes. It uses water to prevent over-absorption of sugar and other chemicals. It helps to improve metabolism rate and bowel movements.

Weight Control

Clear and fresh water helps to control your weight as it prevents absorption of excessive sugars and carbohydrates. This promotes the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients better. Filtered water helps regulated metabolism, and with weight control.

Nervous Systems

The brain is mostly water. It is important for the nervous system as it helps prevent headaches and other issues. Dehydration affects your ability to concentrate, see things and comprehend. Therefore, drinking filtered water helps you become productive at work. It keeps your nervous system in top shape.


Your kidneys need pure and clean water to detoxify the body. Clean water helps the kidney to get rid of toxins and keep the urinary system intact. It also fights off the risk of bladder infection. Drinking clean water strengthens your immunity.

Healthy for Babies

Babies are forbidden from drinking water until they reach the age of 6-12 months. Drinking water at a premature age can over-hydrate their systems. Unfortunately, not every mother can breastfeed their child, and thus they rely on formula.

It is imperative that you use healthy water if feeding formula to your baby. Giving unhealthy water to your baby can lead to severe issues like mental retardation, or even poisoning. It is crucial that you give your baby chlorine-free water for healthy growth and long life.

We hope these points help you make a better decision. Make sure the water you use is free of any impurities. Clean and pure water is a basic human right.