Hepatitis C Symptoms and Causes

Hepatitis C Symptoms and Causes

Hepatitis C symptoms and causes

Hepatitis C is a contagious viral disease that causes infection in the liver. In ordinary conditions, hepatitis c leads to inflammation of the liver, while it may damage it under severe conditions. The disease spreads through exposure to blood. Sharing of injection needles is one of the leading causes of the disease. Children born to mothers infected with the disease may also get the infection. You might be interested to know the factors leading to hepatitis C. Here, you will come across the hepatitis c symptoms and causes along with the complications that it may cause in the body.

What are The Causes of Hepatitis C ?

People exposed to long-term alcohol abuse have a greater risk of getting hepatitis c. Being incarcerated also leads to the disease. Under serious circumstances, it becomes chronic in nature and the individuals are unable to get rid of it. However, timely treatment can turn out to be helpful and cures the disorder. Unprotected sexual activities may also lead to hepatitis c, particularly if one of the persons happens to be a drug user.

In other cases, a child may inherit the disease from the mother. People getting tattoos in their bodies through infected needles are also prone to the dangers of getting infected by the disease. People with hemophilia or hemodialysis can also get hepatitis c. Besides, the disease can also be transmitted to a person through organ transplants. Well, when you know the causes of hepatitis c, you can try and stay safe from the disease. According to a statistic, people suffering from the disease have a high risk of developing a chronic problem. As much as 75-85% of the infected people cannot be cured unless the disease is detected at an early stage.

What are The Effects of Hepatitis c?

The symptoms of hepatitis c vary in different individuals. Not every person shows all the symptoms. A contaminated person may suffer from loss of appetite, besides suffering from fever. In case you have hepatitis c, you may feel tired for most of the time during the day. Even if you stick to your previous diet plan, you will feel the lack of energy. These are the common
effects of hepatitis c. Apart from these, the disease may cause muscle pain in different parts of the body. You may also feel the pain in the joints. The bowel movements become abnormal and you may also note a difference in the colour of your urine when you get hepatitis c.

People suffering from the disease may also experience pain in their stomach. It may lead to vomiting or nausea. You may notice a yellowish tinge in your eyes and skin. Under these conditions, you need to consult a physician or your family doctor and convey the symptoms to him.

At times, it becomes difficult to detect the disease. The symptoms may remain hidden, or even if they show up, it may not be possible to identify the disorder. It may take six months to ten years of time to sense the presence of the virus in the body.

What Complications Can Hepatitis C Cause in The Body?

Long term suffering from hepatitis c may lead to various complications in the body. One of the common issues associated with the disease is cirrhosis, where the lever gets scarred. However, it happens only when the person suffers from bms hepatitis c for 20 to 30 years. In these conditions, the liver finds it difficult to function normally and it affects the digestive system of the body.

Under severe circumstances, the liver may stop functioning, leading to further complications in the individual. A small proportion of people suffering from cirrhosis have the tendency to develop liver cancer.

Considering these consequences, it is important to take necessary measures to keep away from the disease. A large number of people get bms hepatitis c through infected injection needles. They need to stop taking illicit drugs, especially if they inject them in their skin.

Well, now you have a comprehensive knowledge of hepatitis c symptoms and causes. You should be careful while you pierce your skin or get a tattoo. Take adequate protective measures while indulging in sexual activities to reduce the risks of hepatitis c. These measures will cut down the chances of getting the disease significantly.

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