How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight to Get the Right Health Plan?

How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight to Get the Right Health Plan?

Maintaining the right body weight is one of the best ways to keep diseases at bay. A lot of lifestyle diseases, including hypertension and diabetes, are a result of increased body weight among people across ages. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a check on one’s body weight to ensure that you are fit and do not make yourself prone to prolonged diseases and illnesses.

Moreover, any pre-existing condition such as hypertension or diabetes results in a higher insurance premium higher as compared to an individual health insurance policy without any pre-existing diseases.

What is an Ideal Weight Calculator?

Using the ideal weight calculator lets you evaluate your body’s ideal mass index based on your height and body weight. It helps you find out if your body mass is underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese. Ideally, you should not be more than 20% overweight than your ideal body weight bracket. And the BMI calculator helps you find out if you are indeed overweight and required to make necessary changes in your lifestyle to hit your ideal weight, i.e., through exercise, cutting down on junk food, and other changes that may be necessary to get back in shape.

Why is it so important to stay in shape?

Apart from the fact that staying fit makes us feel healthier, younger, and more energetic, it also impacts our overall mental and emotional well-being. It not only impacts our physical bodies, but also the mind, which becomes more focused, relaxed, and happier when we are at our ideal body weight. Moreover, staying in shape helps us avoid lifestyle diseases that are prevalent these days and impact a larger section of society than ever witnessed before.

How Can the Ideal Weight Calculator Help You Get the Right Individual Health Insurance?

Knowing where you stand in terms of body weight can help you choose the right health plan in more ways than one!

It helps you choose an individual health insurance plan that is suitable to your body type and condition.

Helps you gain insight into your health and allows you to opt for additional coverage like critical illness cover.

Encourages you to maintain a healthy body weight and keep illnesses at bay. An individual health cover rewards you for staying healthy and maintaining a claim-free year.

Helps you choose the ideal sum insured and coverage that will support you during any anticipated emergency.

The ideal weight calculator is a tool to not only find out your ideal BMI, but also lets you take preventive measures to avoid falling into the lifestyle-related disease trap. These days when heart diseases, fatty liver and other chronic diseases and illnesses are on the rise due to a sedentary lifestyle, it’s crucial to be aware of your body weight so you can take timely remedial measures to balance the nutritional and calorie intake.

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In the end, stay fit, and ensure that you are secure both health-wise and financially!