How to Stop Worrying (Self-Help Strategies for Anxiety Relief)

How to Stop Worrying (Self-Help Strategies for Anxiety Relief)

Self Help for Anxiety

Do you usually sing the blues and harrow over almost everything or letting your health get affected with those anxiety episodes that hinge one’s life for no good? Well although a little amount of anxiety is ‘good’ to keep the lamp burning, but anxiety can seriously turn into a grave mental health condition if not treated during the milder stages. While you can turn your idiot box on to dodge those disturbing thoughts, the situation however might ask for a lot more if anxiety attacks are accompanied along. So, what do we do then?

We have listed below some really simple yet highly effective self help strategies to combat your anxiety. They will not only help you overcome your anxiety problem, but will also help you lead a happy and stress-free life. Take a look.

Take a Minute

If you feel on the edge and stressed for most of your clock, then you definitely need some minutes to simmer down. Although simple to grasp, but taking a few minutes to de-stress can effectively help you stay calm and peaceful. Try to take a minute for yourself and simply close your eyes. You may feel agitated but try and breathe deeply to focus on your pulse. You could also think of some beautiful scenery or calming nature to feel better – as it’s sure to take your stress down a notch.


Many swear by this one for the right reasons. If you worry a lot and find it operose to concentrate on your activities, then make sure to indulge in a regular exercise regimen. However, ensure not to stress your body close to your bedtime as it can seriously affect your mind and your ability to catch a few winks. Since body tends to release endorphins during the workout sessions, you are most likely to feel better and have a calmer self (as endorphin is known to reduce anxiety).

Eat Well

Certainly, one of the best self help strategies to relieve your anxiety is to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Hence, make sure that your each meal contains the right amount of proteins and right amount of other essential nutrients. At the same time, try to refrain from consuming too much of coffee or tea due to their high caffeine content. Make sure that you are eating healthy everyday in order to have your body function properly and your mind to stay uncluttered – as vitamins and proteins can significantly enhance your brain function and the adrenal gland’s capability to deal with anxiety and stress.

Try Relaxation Techniques

Another effective strategy that you may try for anxiety relief is relaxation and breathing exercises. For all the right reasons tucked in, trying breathing and relaxation techniques can help you greatly deal with your stressful moments. You can indulge in meditation, yoga, simple prayers, or even massage to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. By doing so, you are sure to curb your worries and figure out what exactly needs to be changed. In fact, relaxation strategies can help you gain an insight into your thinking process and help you observe your thoughts in a detached way.

Acknowledge and Express Emotions

Last but certainly not the least; make sure that you are not allowing any feelings of anger, frustration or sadness to pent-up inside yourself. While controlling your emotions is fine, but it should never reach a point where your anxiety begins getting serious and serious with each passing day. Thus, make sure that you acknowledge how you are feeling and express your emotions as much as possible. Be it writing down in a journal, taking off your anger or frustration on a piece of paper, or discussing with someone close, ensure that you are expressing your emotions and not letting them bottle up inside. It will help you improve your physical as well as your mental well being.

Well although the above mentioned self help strategies are sure to help you fight your anxiety, but make sure that you find improvement with the techniques over the time. If you feel you have tried them all and still not able to reduce your anxiety, do not delay in talking to a family membeor a close friend. You can always consider psychotherapy or professional assistance to eliminate your anxiety and to lead a happy, stress-free life.