Improving Bone Health to Reduce the Risk of Fracture

Improving Bone Health to Reduce the Risk of Fracture

Reduce the Risk of Fracture

Remember when you were young, how your mother would implore you to drink milk to build strong bone? Well, you need strong bone not just when you are young. However, more so as you grow older. The stronger you build your bones when young, it gives you less problems as you grow older.

You need strong bones to stand tall, be agile, and do physical activity. They are the support system of the body. As one grows older, the bones start losing its strength. The bone is always in a flux. It is broken and rebuilt a number of times. It is around the age of 30 that bones reach its peak bone mass. After the age of 30 people generally start losing the bone mass. It is people who have not built up a strong bone base when young are prone to problems of brittle and weak bones. The body is unable to create new bones as fast when old bone is broken. This is called osteoporosis and is more common in women than men are. Women as they approach menopause too loose much of the bone mass.

People with weak bones are prone to falls and fractures. Many as they grow older find it difficult to balance properly and tend to fall. There are various ways to improve bone health:

Stock Calcium

Stock up calcium in your body. Calcium is the main ingredient for building bones. It is important to have milk and calcium rich food daily. The younger one starts the better. Yogurt, cheese, other dairy products, vegetables like broccoli, fishes like sardine and salmon, greens, kale, etc.

Vitamin D

The Vitamin D is an important ingredient required by the body. It helps in the absorption of the calcium. Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D. Enjoy early morning sunlight for a daily supply of vitamin D supplements too can be consumed for the required dose.

Physical Activity

People who exercise or have higher physical activity have stronger bones. Squats, lunges, weight training helps to build better bones and delays osteoporosis. It helps to prevent stiffness and breakage of bones.

Omega - 3 Fatty Acids

Consumption of Omega -3 fatty acids helps in better bone density at the hip. Hip fractures are quite common in people above the age of 50. Omega-3 is found in fatty fishes, flax seeds and certain nuts.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can be bad for your bones, especially among women. Smoking women have lower bone density due to lower calcium absorption and production of estradiol. Quit the use of all kinds of tobacco products.

No Alcohol

Increased alcohol consumption can also lead to weaker bones. The alcohol interferes with the absorption of calcium by the bones. Just one or two drinks should be the limit.

Improve Body Weight

It has been seen that people who are too thin are prone to osteoporosis and fracture. A small fall can lead to multiple fractures in the body.

Certain Medication

Some medications that are used for treating certain diseases can also cause weak bones. Medication for uterus problems, asthma, cancer, arthritis, etc. can cause bone loss.

Healthy Diet

It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet for strong bones. People with an eating disorder generally have weaker bones. They tend to skip meals, especially breakfast, which can be harmful to bone health. Fruits and vegetables, especially the ones with vitamin K are very important for good bone health.

No Caffeine

Caffeine can have an adverse effect on healthy bones. Too much caffeine interferes with the absorption of calcium. Have it in moderation for better bone health.

Improving bone health is of paramount importance, for it is only when your bones are strong that you can get about your daily activities without much hindrance. We often neglect bone health and as we age develop several bone related disorders. The above pointers if taken into consideration and followed diligently will help you nurture your bones and make them strong.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad