Know The Causes And Prevention Tips For Itchy Bump On Eyelid

Know The Causes And Prevention Tips For Itchy Bump On Eyelid

Itchy Bump On Eyelid

Eyelid bumps can be painful, irritating, itchy, and ugly looking and usually go away on their own. An itchy bump on the eyelid can be due to bacteria or other causes. Although usually not harmful, a few eyelid bumps can indicate other serious health conditions.

What Are Itchy Eyelid Bumps?

Eyelid bumps are red lumps that form at the eyelid's edge usually where the two eyelashes meet the eyelid. They happen due to a blockage in the eyelids' oil glands apart from bacteria. Anyone can get them and these big or small itchy bumps on the eyelid don't need any special treatment but treatment can speed up the healing process.

These bumps can be either an itchy bump on the lower eyelid or an itchy bump on the upper eyelid or both the eyelids.

Types Of Eyelid Bumps

There Are 3 common types of eyelid bumps and each has a different cause and treatment procedure;

1. Styes

This is the most common eyelid bump type and occurs when bacteria reach the eyelid's oil glands. It is red and round and forms close to the eyelashes making them sore. When this occurs the eye becomes sensitive to light apart from becoming scratchy and watery. Styes can be more than one and they happen over days.

2. Chalazion

When tear glands or oil-secreting glands are blocked a chalazion occurs. It normally grows away from the eyelid in contrast to a stye. It is generally painless but can hinder the vision depending on the size and the place it grows.

3. Xanthelasma

These are yellow harmless bumps that form when a few types of fats get accumulated in the skin. Xanthelasma appears more in aged adults. In a few cases, they point out high cholesterol levels.

Symptoms Of Itchy Eyelid Bump

These bumps are mostly skin textured or red and occur on eyelid edges. Other usual symptoms include tenderness, watering, gritty, scratchy, and light sensitivity. One should meet a doctor if one senses the below symptoms;

  • Extremely watery
  • Trouble seeing
  • Extreme swelling
  • Heavy discharge from the eyes
  • The white portion of the eye changes color
  • Eyes hurting even in little light
  • Bleeding of eyelid bump
  • The bump grows in size, gets painful, and gets worse day by day
  • Eyelids are crusty, scaly, or red
  • Eyelids have blisters

Causes Of A Bump On Eyelids

Each eyelid bump has a different cause

A stye occurs when bacteria enter oil glands and inflamed them. The risks of getting them are high when one has a condition known as blepharitis.

A chalazion forms when the oil glands in the eyelids get blocked. At times, styes that do not drain can even become chalazia.

Xanthelasma happens when fat builds below the skin’s surface.

Causes Of A Bump On Eyelids That Itches

The following are some of the causes of bump on eyelids that itches;

  • Apart from bacteria
  • Piling up of fat and blockage of oil glands
  • Common cold
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Hay fever or
  • Allergic reactions due to animal dander
  • Cosmetics
  • Dust
  • Pollen and
  • Contact dermatitis can also cause a bump on eyelids that itches.

How To Treat Itchy Bumps On The Eyelid?

A stye can be treated at home usually, but one may need a doctor visit if it's really bothersome or painful. One should get medical treatment when the stye;

  • Doesn't heal within 2-3 weeks.
  • Is painful.
  • Is swollen or causes eyesight issues.
  • The same is the case with chalazion and can be treated at home. One needs medical treatment if there is no change in it or it
  • Makes eyes sore and red.
  • Makes vision blurry.
  • Spreads redness and increases swelling.

As far as xanthelasma or milia is concerned no treatment is needed unless it impacts the vision.

Tips To Prevent Bump On Eyelids That Itches

It isn't always probable to stop eyelid bumps however, keeping eyes clean may help to stop them.

Here are a few tips to prevent eyelids bumps;

  • Keep eyes and face clean by washing frequently.
  • Remove makeup before hitting the bed.
  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or the region around them.
  • Do not share towels.
  • Control cholesterol levels by eating healthy and maintaining a proper weight.
  • Keep your eyelashes and eyelids dry.
  • Use warm compresses near the eye region now and then.
  • Do not squeeze or press your eyes.
  • If you had blepharitis be extra careful.

Usually, an itchy bump on the eyelid isn't serious but if you sense it isn't a normal eyelid bump visit your doctor at the earliest.


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