List of Diseases Treated By Stem Cells

List of Diseases Treated By Stem Cells

List of Diseases Treated By Stem Cells

Stems cells are the undifferentiated cells. They can be converted into any type of cells according to the requirement of the body. These cells have the self-renewal property without losing their identity and also have the potency to transform themselves into various types of cells. Use of stem cells to treat the disease is increasing. Various diseases have already been treated with the help of stem cell therapy while various clinical trials are underway to identify the capability of stem cells in treating specific diseases.

Following is the list of diseases that stem cells can cure

1) Liver Disease

The stem cell transplantation shows positive results in conditions such as acute liver failure and jaundice, which are difficult to treat conditions. Acute liver failure has hardly any treatment other than the liver transplant. The liver transplant itself has a long waiting list.

How To Use

The stem cells were taken from the donor's liver and harvested. These cells were then infused in the blood of the patients. These liver stem cells, through the blood, reaches the liver and repair the liver. A three-month follow-up was done in the patient after giving the therapy and the liver functions markers were improved.

2) Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Neovascular age-related macular degeneration was successfully treated with stem cell therapy. This is done by the donor-induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

How To Use

The cells were taken from the donor, however, the rejection by the patient was low with only one patient rejected the cells which were overcome by the medicines. Stem cell therapy was can also be used to treat the disease with the stem cells from the body of the patient itself. Although it reduces the risk of rejection, it is costly and time-consuming.

3) Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis

It is a rare disease in which the immune system becomes weak due to not availability of the protein that is required to fight against the pathogens. Stem cell therapy can be used to treat the disease. A toddler was suffering from this disease. Doctor, after reviewing his condition, gave only a few weeks to live but with the treatment through the specially treated stem cells from his father, he is completely cured and now doing well with a healthy immune system.

How To Use

The sick cells were replaced by healthy cells and are performing normal functions.

4) Periodontitis

Stem cell therapy is used to treat periodontitis. This is the condition characterized by the inflammation and loss of gums. The condition is caused commonly due to bacterial infection


How To Use

Mesenchymal stem cells are taken from the patient itself and administered to the patient after special treatment. These cells help in regeneration of the lost tissues. In a recent clinical trial, stem cell taken from a healthy person is used to successfully treat periodontitis.

5) HIV

Recently a patient suffering from HIV infection was treated with the stem cell therapy. He is only the second patient to be treated from HIV with stem cell therapy. The first patient was treated with the stem cell a decade ago and is still free from HIV.

How To Use

After the administration of stem cells in the body, the patient's white blood cells were replaced with the HIV resistance white blood cells produced by the stem cells. The patient is not taking the antiretroviral drugs for the last 18-20 months and is currently free of viral infection.

6) Spinal-Cord Injury

The Japanese government gave approval for a stem cell therapy that can be used for the treatment for spinal cord injury.

How To Use

In this method, the mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from the patient’s body and were multiplied in the laboratory. The cells are then injected back in the body of the patients for repairing the injured spine. The stem cells may reduce inflammation at the spine and protect the existing neurons. According to the study, some of the stem cells convert into the neurons that can replace the damaged cells.

7) Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Stem cell therapy treats acute myeloid leukemia. A 9-year-old boy, suffering from this condition was treated in the UK. After the boy does not respond to chemotherapy, the only option left was stem cell therapy.

How To Use

For the stem cells, the donated umbilical cord kept in the freezer was used. The stem cells produced normal cells that had replaced the abnormal cells. The doctors were in a shock to notice that he responded to the treatment within 5 days. Within two years after the therapy, the doctors gave him a cancer-free status.

8) Multiple Sclerosis

Hematopoietic stem cell transplant therapy can be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis. A 49-year-old patient from England was suffering from the condition and a wheelchair-bound person.

How To Use

The stem cells were of the patients himself, and all the cell of the immune system were killed with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and the stem cells were transplanted. Within two days of the treatment, sensitivity occurred in his one leg and later on both the legs were treated and he walked again.


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