Obstetrics-Gynecology Problems as You near Your 40s

Obstetrics-Gynecology Problems as You near Your 40s

Common Gynecological Problems
Are you wondering what is going to happen to your body now that you are close to 40? Well, the answers lie with your Ob/Gyn which is why you should start getting yourself checked on a regular basis so that you can handle all the changes that your body starts going through. These days, women in their 40s and even those who are older are being celebrated. 40 is not considered “old” anymore! However, precautions are always great and it is important to think about obstetrics and gynec- issues once you start nearing the big 40!

Women health problems can crop up at any age, but when you are close to your 40s, it is time to start taking a little more care of your body and your health. As you age, your body changes and the lifestyle that you lead needs to change along with it so that health issues do not pop up out of nowhere.

If you are close to or over 40, it is important to start thinking about gynec- problems in women especially those that occur at your age. Here are some of the health issues that you should keep in mind.

Health of Your Breasts:

We all know that self breast examinations are important no matter what age you are; however, it is highly recommended that you get a regular mammogram done. Experts say that a mammogram should be conducted yearly as a preventative measure, especially for women nearing or over the age of 40. Apart from regular checkups, getting information on the risk factors and understanding them can help you make lifestyle changes to reduce your chances of developing the potentially-fatal breast cancer.

Health of Your Heart:

Women who are nearing or over their 40s should be extremely careful of the condition of their heart. This is one of the women health problems that should be considered extremely important. You should discuss cholesterol and blood pressure testing when you go to your Ob/Gyn for your yearly physical check-ups. This is essential, especially if there is a history of heart disease in your family.


This dangerous bone disease is a major health concern for women of all ages, but it is more important to take it seriously when you are closing in on your 40s. According to the experts, a woman is four times more susceptible to the risk of osteoporosis than a man is. If there is history of the disease in your family and you have a small frame, do not have regular periods or may be going through an early menopause, you should discuss a DEXA scan with your doctor immediately. Changes in your diet, exercise and detecting weak bones at the earliest stage possible can prevent the fracture of bones and the development of this debilitating disease.

Unplanned Pregnancy:

Yes, believe it because it is 100% true! One of the gynec problems in women nearing or over their 40s is unplanned pregnancy. The rate of pregnancy in women of this age group is close to that of teenagers and almost 25% of these women choose not to use birth control. It is important for women of all ages, even those over 40, to take birth control seriously.

If you are nearing or over the age of 40, it is time to start making some changes in the diet you eat and the lifestyle you live. Getting active and starting cardio workouts as well as exercising with weights gives strength to the muscles and bones which is vital when women arrive at peri-menopause. Exercise also keeps heart problems away, so it is a win-win! You can avoid many of the women health problems by visiting your doctor regularly. With these great tips, you can stay healthy and beautiful no matter what your age is!

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Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad