Causes And Signs of Early Menopause at 30

Causes And Signs of Early Menopause at 30

Menopause is when regular menstrual periods stop completely in women. Usually, this starts in women from 48 to 55 years of age. However, for some women, this time is quite early, as early as under 40 years of age. And if this happens, it is known as early menopause. Menopause is when the ovaries in the female reproductive system stop producing estrogen. This is the main hormone that controls the female reproductive system. Though early menopause can be a natural thing for many women, in others it can be due to some reason. Usually, when early menopause strikes, it can be quite a worry for a woman as various kinds of changes start taking place in her life physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Signs of Early Menopause at 30

Menopause at 30 is definitely not welcome in any circumstance. However, there are women who face this issue. Mentioned below are some common signs of early menopause at 30

These signs and symptoms might be indications of other health issues as well. It is recommended to get a checkup done by a gynecologist and understand if the problem is related to early menopause only.

Causes of Early Menopause

After noting the first signs of early menopause, it is important to deal with the problem at the earliest. However, along with the problem, it is important to identify the causes that lead to early menopause. Some of the prominent reasons include

Lifestyle Factors

It is quite sad to see that the kind of lifestyle that women are leading nowadays can affect their reproductive system and lead to early menopause. For instance, Smoking has anti-estrogen effects and long-term smokers can suffer from early menopause. Along with smoking, body mass index can also lead to early menopause. This is because estrogen is mainly stored in the fat tissues. Slim and thin women have lesser estrogen stored, which tend to get depleted soon. Along with these, lack of exercise, a vegetarian diet and lack of sun exposure can lead to the onset of early menopause.

Genetic Factor

You might not know, but genetic factors are responsible for early menopause. If you check in your family history, you might see that your mother, your grandmother or great-grandmother might have suffered from early menopause. This might not be the only reason, but it can be an important reason for sure.

Autoimmune Diseases

You might not be aware of the fact that premature menopause can be a sign of various kinds of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid disease. In these diseases, the immune system attacks a part of the body as an invader. Usually, in these diseases, inflammation takes place and the inflammation can affect the ovaries. And when the working of ovaries is hampered, it can lead to menopause.

Defects in Chromosomes

Early menopause can also be caused due to chromosomal defects. One of the best instances in this regard is the Turner Syndrome, in which a woman is born with an incomplete chromosome. Women suffering from this syndrome have ovaries which do not function properly and this leads to early menopause. Along with this, women might also suffer from pure gonadal dysgenesis and this cause early menopause.


Women who have complained of epilepsy often have early menopause. This is because such women often face premature ovarian failure. Studies have found that women with epilepsy have a high percentage of premature menopause.

Early Menopause and Cancer

There are links between early menopause and cancer. And when it is early menopause, the risks are definitely higher. There are basically two main factors which increase the risk of cancer after menopause. Due to increased hormone exposure, risks of breast cancer and uterine cancer increase significantly. Also, due to more numbers of ovulation, the risk of ovarian cancer increases. It is during ovulation in a woman’s cycle that the ovary releases the eggs.

There are hormone therapies, which can help in reducing early menopausal symptoms and problems like osteoporosis and hot flashes etc. It is always recommended to seek guidance and assistance of a certified gynecologist for undertaking any kinds of hormone therapies. In fact, the doctor can also help in guiding you as for how you can continue your life normally even if you suffer from early menopause and don’t hamper the quality of your life in any way.

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