Why Is My Skin Peeling On Fingers And How To Get Rid Of It?

Why Is My Skin Peeling On Fingers And How To Get Rid Of It?

Skin Peeling On Fingers- Causes And Treatment

Skin peeling between fingers is a common concern for many people. Skin peeling may occur between the fingers, at the fingertip, and near the nails. The peeling of skin has many causes. The treatment includes medications as well as home remedies.

Skin Peeling

Skin peeling is also known as desquamation. When the skin peels from a large area of the body, the condition is called exfoliative dermatitis. During skin peeling, the outermost layer of the skin gets shed. Desquamation of the skin is a natural process that remains unnoticed. The condition may also be caused due to various reasons. These conditions, along with skin peeling, also present various symptoms such as thickening of the skin. The cells of thick and dry skin shed in clusters resulting in noticeable skin peeling. Not only the skin, but other organs such as the cornea and conjunctiva also undergo pathological desquamation as seen in dry eye syndrome.

Causes Of Skin Peeling On Fingers

In most cases, skin peeling is not a cause of concern and there may be skin peeling between fingers for no reason. However, prompt medical attention and diagnosis are required to exclude any underlying medical condition. Following are some of the causes of skin peeling;

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common reasons for skin peeling between fingers. Dry skin may result from underlying medical conditions as well as from climate changes and frequent hand washing.

2. Finger Sucking

Skin peeling may also result from finger sucking. Finger sucking is commonly found in children. Monitoring and motivating the children to cease this habit. This is important because finger sucking may sometimes lead to skin peeling and sores.

3. Exposure To Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are used in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, and dye-industry. People working in these industries are at increased risk of suffering from skin peeling.

4. Psoriasis

Psoriasis, an auto-immune disease, may lead to skin peeling. This disease increases the division of skin cells.

5. Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Dermatitis may either be genetic or may be caused due to exposure to an allergen. It may lead to skin peeling.

6. Exfoliative Keratolysis

This condition, which is commonly found in the summer season, may lead to skin peeling. Air-filled blisters are formed on the skin of the patient.

7. Sunburn

Sunburn also damages the uppermost layer of the skin. The skin becomes red and inflamed.

8. Toxicity

The toxicity of certain substances such as Vitamin A may cause skin peeling. Peeling in between fingers may be due to vitamin deficiency.

9. Infection

Skin peeling may also occur due to fungal or bacterial skin infections.

Skin Peeling On Fingertips

Skin peeling on fingertips may or may not cause pain. When the peeling is accompanied by pain, the patient is in discomfort as it interferes with various activities. It is important to diagnose the reason for skin peeling and the patient should undergo an adequate treatment regimen. Various reasons include Kawasaki's disease, exfoliative keratolysis, and eczema.

Skin Peeling On Fingers Near Nails

Skin peeling may also occur near fingernails. If the fingernails are also involved, this may be due to fungal infection. During the fungal infection, nails are also cracked and damaged along with the peeling of skin near the nails. There may be pus at the edge of the nails and the patient experiences pain and inflammation.

Skin Peeling Between Fingers

Skin peeling between fingers is a common condition encountered by many people in everyday life. Skin peeling between fingers can be caused due to excessively dry skin and is also a part of the cosmetic process at various cosmetic clinics.

Peeling Skin On Palms Of Hands

Skin peeling from the palms makes the palm rough and scaly. It brings embarrassment while shaking hands with other people. Skin peeling on palms may be caused due to allergic dermatitis or psoriasis. Proper medical intervention and certain home remedies are effective in reducing dryness and scaly appearance.

Complications Of Untreated Skin Peeling

The peeling of skin requires medical attention and proper diagnosis. The patient should ensure that there is nothing to concern and it is not due to any serious medical condition. Untreated skin peeling may lead to exposure of the underlying tissues which may lead to infection. The primary line of defense gets compromised and the patient is vulnerable to infection and dehydration.

Peeling Skin On Fingers Treatment

The peeling of skin requires both home remedies as well as medications. While medications help to reduce the severity of disease and ultimately treats the cause, home remedies help in managing the symptoms. Following are some of the remedies for peeling skin on fingers;

  • Do not over-wash your hands.
  • Us cosmetics that do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Manage the underlying medical condition through proper treatment.
  • Use moisturizer to avoid dryness.
  • Soak your hands in warm water to make them soft and to remove excess skin.
  • Massage with Vitamin E oil on fingers to avoid skin peeling on fingers.


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