Ten Foods that Hamper Digestion

Ten Foods that Hamper Digestion

hamper digestion

People eat and drink various foods and beverages for availing health benefits and fulfilling hunger. While some of these foods and drinks contain nutrients and are good for health, they may not be suitable for everyone. You need to understand that some foods, while nutritious, can take longer to be digested. Such foods actually slow down metabolism in the human body. In the long run, consumption of these foods and drinks may pave way for obesity. Therefore, it is important that you avoid in taking such foods by all means.

Below listed are a few foods and beverages that can affect digestion adversely:

Refined Carbohydrates:

Including lots of foods with Refined Carbohydrates can slow down digestion process in the human body. Most widely used examples of such foods are refined rice, pasta and white bread. They are not much nutritious either. Try replacing these foods with brown rice, whole wheat breads etc.


Eating sugar laced foods and drinks result in hike of blood glucose levels. You can use less sugar to make foods and beverages at home. When possible, eat fresh fruits instead of gulping down sugary fruit juices.

Fatty and Fried Foods:

Foods with elevated fat content can hamper your body’s metabolism. Fat takes longer to be digested. At times, the body cannot burn the fat and it gets stored in specific body parts. The foods belonging to this category includes French fries, large burgers, ice cream, etc. People with heartburn problems far worse after consuming fried and fatty foods. It is also important to use cooking oils that do not generate trans- fat. Using olive oil is far better than butter in this regard. You may also resort to recipes that can be cooked with less oil and try baked foods for a change.

Pesticide Imbued Foods:

Fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides can make way to your local market. When you eat those, the digestion process goes for a toss, not to mention the toxicity caused to your body! Even if they may cost you more, buy and eat organic produce as far as you can.

Artificial Sweeteners:

Switching to artificial sweeteners just because you want to reduce sugar consumption an actually be counterproductive for your health and digestion. Nutritionists say many such sweeteners actually do not get digested well and lead to bloating. If possible, replace sugar with organic honey to make some foods and beverages.


You may crave for chocolate at some nights and after heavy dinners. Most chocolates you get in the market contain caffeine. It is better that you stick to dark chocolate. It contains enough cocoa, which has fibre. This can actually aid the digestion process.

Spicy Food:

Those spicy chicken wings or snacks made with peppers can appease your taste buds but your digestion process can get hampered. They can also lead to heartburn.


Coffee can often lead to stomach irritation. It actually boosts acid production in human stomach. This can lead to GERD, heartburn and inflammation. It is recommended that you reduce coffee intake to one cup per day to be on the safe side.

Acidic Fruits:

Some citrus fruits can be replete with vitamins and minerals you need, but they are also acidic in nature. Oranges, lemons, tomatoes and grapefruit are such examples. You may eat them with foods that can neutralize acidity to aid digestion.

Dairy Products:

You have always heard about the nutritional value of dairy foods and why you should have them at breakfast and with midday meals. However, for people who are lactose intolerant, taking dairy foods like cheese and yogurt can be detrimental. In such cases, eating these foods can cause bloating and indigestion.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad