5 Successful Tips For Raising Your Child

5 Successful Tips For Raising Your Child

tips For Successfully Raising A Child

It is common to see parents make mistakes when raising their kids, especially first born kids. Sometimes the mistakes are made as a result of poor judgment and other times due to lack of information. However, judgment is just part of learning parental skills. It’s something you learn through experience and hopefully from other parents.

Lack of information is the biggest problem. Fortunately, the science of parenting has evolved over time. People learn from the mistakes their parents committed and try to be a better parent to their kids. However, many people turn to their parents, older siblings, friends and trusted people for parental advice.

Always do your research after getting different advices on how to raise your kids and choose the most appropriate methods you are comfortable with. Most people have their own biased opinions on how to raise their kids.Keep Baby Close, New Parent, etc are the good sources to learn about raising your kids the right way. 

5 Tips For Successfully Raising Kids

1. Love Doesn’t Spoil A Child

Many people believe that loving their kids too much is spoiling them. You will be told that meeting all your child’s needs and embracing them translates to spoiling them. However, a child cannot be spoiled with love. On the contrary, children need to feel loved by their parents.

In return, they become loving towards other people in the society. It is important to note that giving a child materialistic things to substitute for the time you would have spent with them or the attention they need is what spoils a child.

2. Discipline Doesn't Mean Punishment

Many parents worry about disciplining their children. According to many guardians, discipline means punishing or hitting a child. However, the word discipline does not mean spanking but teaching. Focus on teaching your children life values and what you expect them to do rather than constantly punishing them.

Calculus is not taught to kids in grade 1. Similarly, learn the appropriate age to teach your child certain things. It is important to understand the appropriate behaviour to teach your child at a certain age, reasonable things they can understand at that particular time.

3. Respond To A Child’s Cry

A baby’s cry, especially when they are young, means that something is wrong and most probably they need you. Never leave your child to learn how to self soothe. What your child needs is a parent with the understanding that crying is the only way to communicate their needs.

Responding to a baby’s cry not only meets their needs but also gives them a sense of security that they will carry throughout their lives.

4. A Child’s Connection With Nature

Children indulge in nature to learn about it. Today, parents are worried about leaving their children on their own. Most of the time, they keep them locked indoors. Leave your kid to play with soil, pick berries, build forts and have a great time connecting with nature.

Let them get fresh air and exercise. If you feel insecure, plan to supervise outdoor activities whenever your kids engage in them.

5. Be Present

Be present in your child’s life at every stage. Expect your child to feel loved and taken care of if you spend quality time together over the weekends. If you and your partner are separated, ensure you participate in the child’s important life events. Even though financial needs are important, being present is more important for the child.

Reviewed By:

Dr. Kaushal M. Bhavsar (MBBS, MD)

Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad